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 Demon Slayer's Hashira Training Arc Episode 4

Demon Slayer's Hashira Training Arc is one of the most anticipated seasons of the anime, making its subdued structure a strangely frustrating experience. It is essential for shonen heroes to put in the work and learn how to overcome their limitations. It's a formula that works best in small doses, rather than devoting an entire season to such prep work. At the same time, Demon Slayer Season 4 functions as the opposite of Seasons 2 and 3 – both hinged on big battles that lasted for significant stretches of the season. In the case of Demon Slayer’s Swordsmith Village Arc, almost the entire season was consumed by one huge multi-part attack. It's smart for Demon Slayer to try to do something different, but this decision opened the series up to even bigger problems that risk making this season its most inconsequential yet. 

The stakes have never been higher in Demon Slayer, but the stakes alone aren't enough to hold the audience's attention. Ironically, Tokit's speech about "no remakes" and how you always have to be the best, without the luxury of second chances, is advice that Demon Slayer Season 4 - especially "To Bring A Smile to One's Face" - could lead to follow . Each episode must be the best of the season as if it were the last. There are no coups.

“To Bring A Smile to One’s Face” continues the pattern structure of this season’s Hashira Training Arc, where Tanjiro ping-pongs from one Hashiro to the next as he tries to learn a new lesson and improve his overall skills as a demon slayer. This approach might work if Tanjiro mastered the basic concepts in each lesson, such as new breathing techniques and sword abilities, but they were more of random breakthroughs. At four episodes in, it's a storytelling vehicle that's already attracting diminishing returns, which is even more problematic now that it's halfway through the season. There were fruitful reunions and poignant character moments, but I still feel like the entire season could have been wrapped up in its double premiere.

Every past Hashiro encounter has been cathartic in its own way, but “To Bring A Smile to One’s Face” offers viewers the most by bringing Tanjiro back into Tokita’s orbit. Tokito was one of Demon Slayer's standout characters in the previous season's Swordsmith Village Arc, and his reunion with Tanjiro has an instantly welcoming energy. "To Bring A Smile to One's Face" emphasizes how much Tokito values ​​Tanjiro's company and the radiant energy he brings. Admittedly, much of the joy of this episode comes from these two's unbridled glee at being together and how much they are able to thrive off of each other's positivity. There's definitely a certain sect of Demon Slayer fans that will consider this episode a win, simply because it's full of moments where Tokito is beaming from ear to ear.

Tanjiro excelled during Hashira's previous training with Tengen. He struggles a bit more in Tokit's pod, but this is yet another scenario where he's the class head and leading the charge. "To Bring A Smile to One's Face" tries to evoke the sense of danger that is present in these training episodes when Tokito suggests that a better motivation for the trainees would be a match with real swords than a wooden bokken. Tokito also consistently emphasizes the importance of having the sharpest sword, which acts as a broader allegory of how every Hashira must be the strongest and that even someone like Tanjiro cannot afford to be dull, even for a second. This lesson acts as a small remedy, especially for those who have been in life-and-death battles against demons. That being said, it facilitates the elegant sight of a paper airplane being sliced ​​in half by an intimidating blade. It's an effective, unique sequence that honestly feels like something out of Kill Bill. 

"To Bring A Smile to One's Face" creates a fringe mystery as it analyzes where Tokito goes each night and the life he leads outside of Hashira's training. Believe it or not, the answer just so happens to be another hashira training, this time just for himself. Tokito routinely takes on both Sanemi and Obanai – the Wind and the Hashira Serpent – ​​easily the highlight of the episode and the funniest sequence. Demon Slayer's focus on Sanemi and Obanai was sparse, but they still managed to become MVPs this season.

The two characters consistently deliver, and “To Bring A Smile to One’s Face” gets a lot of mileage out of how Tokito’s light-hearted energy contrasts completely with their vibes. It also teases Tanjiro's inevitable training with the two Hashira and what lies ahead for the intrepid warrior. Demon Slayer's signature visuals were nowhere near as present this season. However, Sanemi and Obanai conjure up truly explosive color displays that are easily the most creative and dynamic material of the episode.

On that note, the most interesting moment of the episode is when there is actually some demonic action from the top 4, Nakime seemingly replacing Hantenga after his execution last season. Demon Slayer's Hashira Training Arc season continues to reinforce the less-is-more approach with its new threats. In this case, "less" translates to "barely anything," and it would be useful to get a little more with this bad guy — even if he just killed some random civilians. “To Bring A Smile to One’s Face” relies on audiences investing in the prospect of a deadly showdown on the horizon while trusting this season’s decision to contain the conflict.


After talking with Tanjiro, Giyu is able to overcome his past self and decides to join the training. Meanwhile, Tanjiro's wounds have healed enough for him to participate in training and he heads for his first training session with former Hashira Uzui.[1]

Tengen evaluating fitness and endurance of trainees.

In the mountains, as the trainees traverse a long trail, Tengen demands that they move faster and push themselves as the sun sets; he confronts the trainee by pinning him with his shinai and demanding that he move his arms and legs more before releasing him. The next day, as Tengen watched them perform numerous sit-ups, he reminded them that they could not progress to the next stage of Hashira's training without improving their fitness and endurance.

He makes an example of the trainee by stabbing him with a bamboo blade while in a weakened state, claiming that in their current state, Sanemi and Mitsuri will not survive the training stages. During the whole exercise, all the trainees note that despite the great difficulty they endure, they will only encounter a more hellish training next time.

Tanjiro meets with Tengen.

Tengen then hears Tanjiro calling out to him; The demon slayer bows to the former Hashiro as he claims that he looks good, though Tengen flicks the diamond on his eyepatch to show otherwise. He notes that with his body intact, he now has to start training. For this, Tanjiro thanks him and claims that he is the reason he is alive before promising to do his best. Throughout the day, he repeatedly outperforms his fellow demon slayers in all exercises: he runs faster, lifts more, and has the most stamina of all, leaving them in awe of his physical prowess.

Tanjiro greets Tengen's wives

He meets Tengen's wives again during his lunch break. As Suma, Hinatsuru, and Makio greet him, Tanjiro thanks them for their help in Yoshiwara, but they claim that they are the ones to be grateful. They hear Tengen demanding that the trainees eat more and threaten to make the next exercise more difficult if they leave any food. Makio gives Tanjiro a bowl as Hinatsuru tells him to eat a lot. Later, as the three tell the trainees to finish eating, they repeat Tengen's threat of more training, one trainee asks the other if he's on watch for the night to trade with him. He shoots down his idea as night shifts allow him to skip morning practice; Tengen heard them, he mutters in disappointment at their attitude towards training.

On patrol that night, the demon slayer and his partner note reduced demon activity, though the latter notes that the nights remain restless. The former believes that demons are hunting Nezuko, though the latter notes that this is only speculative since no one asks the demons. When he remarks that he wishes the demons would go away, his partner replies that the demons have been active for a thousand years. Suddenly, after turning his back, the Demon Slayer realizes that his partner has disappeared, leaving him alone in the dark. He starts to panic as he looks around worriedly, getting more nervous by the second.

Nakime's known spies on the Demon Slayers

His partner suddenly jumps out from around the corner, causing him to fall as he claims the demons may attack unexpectedly. Angry and scared, he demands that he not joke again; his partner apologizes, reaches out and picks him up. Then they hear a rustling sound behind them that seems to come from a dark alley. The first Demon Slayer tells him not to repeat his prank and to continue patrolling, to which he agrees. Unbeknownst to them, the sound is an eyeball labeled "Four" and begins following them from behind, crawling on its tendrils.

In another exercise, the trainees are paired up and have to carry each other while running; Tanjiro, despite being partnered with someone much larger than himself, is still able to run the fastest, stunning them all; Tengen demands that they give their all as they try to escape. Later, as Tanjiro continues to practice even though the others are exhausted, one of the participants questions if his stamina is what it takes to fight the higher ranks. They ask him about what it was like to fight higher rank demons and Tanjiro comments that they are really strong. When asked how much, he says that before he knew it, he was shot down, yet was immediately attacked when he stood up, unnerving them.

Makio explains to Tanjiro Tengen the true behavior of training

Before he could tell them about when his brain was starved of oxygen, the students asked him to stop retelling before remarking that there were worlds that ordinary people like themselves couldn't imagine. In the last exercise of the day, Tengen points to a distant mountain and demands that they run to it and return. The interns groan in disbelief as he wastes no time ordering them to move or they won't get their dinner. As Tanjiro stretches to practice, Tengen's women approach him; Hinatsuru and Suma note that despite his tough exterior, Tengen is actually gentle on the inside, with Makio mentioning that he didn't eat until the last trainee returned, even going so far as to search the mountain to find them.

After hearing them talk about him, Tengen stated that he would never crush the demon slayers entrusted to him by Kagaya. Tanjiro then runs off and Tengen tells him to do it quickly; as he does so, he remarks that Hashira are truly kind-hearted deep down and recalls his eating contest with Giyu.

Tanjiro demands another portion of soba

Despite having already eaten eight trays of soba, Tanjiro asks the chef for more, determined to win the competition and fulfill his promise to Kagaya to get Giya to cooperate. Hashira then asks for another, much to Tanjiro's shock as he is already at his limit. Giyu notices his remark about needing to attend training if he loses, reasoning that he doesn't need to if he wins, making Tanjira nervous about his own suggestion. As the chef gives them new portions, Giyu asks him to give one more to Tanjiro, saying that his new portion will be his last. If Tanjiro can complete his two servings, he will agree to join Hashira Training. Tanjiro confirms his bet and starts eating his soba, though not without difficulty.

Sanemi claims she has something on her mind

Sanemi sits alone, waiting for Obanaie to arrive; he apologizes for his lateness, but Sanemi notes that he also just arrived before asking about the status of his training.