Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 2

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Kagay's Kasugai Crow suddenly appears in front of Tamayo and invites her to the Demon Slayer's headquarters - even though she is a demon. Meanwhile, after receiving a letter from Kagaya at the Butterfly Mansion, Tanjiro visits Giya, who is not participating in Hashira's training. At first, Tanjiro is rebuffed by Giyu, but he patiently continues to try to talk to him. Succumbing to Tanjiro's persistence, Giyu begins to share the reason for not attending the training.[1]

While dusting the bookshelves, Yushiro has a premonition and rushes to Tamayo. She is greeted by the crow Kasugai Kagaya Ubuyashiki; suspicious of Kagaya's intentions and worried about Yushiro, her fears are eased when the crow notes that Yushiro is upstairs, who falls down the stairs trying to reach her. He informs her that a young woman in the Demon Slayer Corps also has knowledge of demons and pharmacology, and the Ubuyashikis want her to help investigate Nezuko in hopes of defeating Muzano. He invites her to the Ubuyashikis residence, shocking Tamayo with the idea of ​​her entering Corps HQ. The crow hopes to hear a favorable response from her before flying away.


Yushiro enters her room and sees Tamayo closing the window. Believing that they have been found, he begins planning their escape. Instead, she tells him that with Nezuka's immunity to the sun, something significant is about to happen, or maybe even before it happened, when he remembers a specific moment in his past and believes that what happened then has come to the present . In response to Yushiro's disbelief, Tamayo tells him that they will be moving out of the house, but not for the same reason as before. Realizing that her research must be completed quickly, she asks for his help, believing this to be the last time they move. Shocked by her request, Yushiro listens as she tells him that they will go to the headquarters of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Tanjiro is asked by Kagaya to talk to Giyu.

In his bed, Tanjiro reads the letter Kagaya sent him; Oyakata asks about his well-being as he explains that he can no longer move. He wanted to talk to Giyu, but he can't, and now that it's the crucial time for everyone to unite, he asks if he could talk to Water Hashira instead; Tanjiro decided to fulfill Kagaya's wish. As he leaves the Butterfly Mansion, he finds Aoi the sweeper outside, who asks where he is going. She then wonders if she is going to Hashira Training; Tanjiro replies that he will, but he needs to talk to someone first. Satisfied with the answer, Aoi leaves but is called by Tanjiro who asks her how to tell someone who keeps to themselves that they are not alone.

She's not sure how to answer because even if he was supposed to cheer them up, if it was her, she'd choose to be alone. After asking if she's leaving soon, to which Tanjiro says yes, Aoi then asks if she's only dating one person, which she confirms; she leaves to fetch something, leaving him to think about his difficult task ahead. He gives Tanjiro a bag of onigiri for him and the person he's meeting, which he thanks her for.

Tanjiro informs Giya about Hashira Training

Tanjiro arrives at Giyuu's residence and starts calling from the front door to check if anyone is home. Giyu sits quietly inside, hearing him from outside, when Tanjiro finally tells him he's coming in. Confused and convinced he misheard him, he hears the door open and is shocked to see Tanjiro peeking in, looking for him. As he explains to him what is going on at Hashira Training, Giyu remarks that he is already aware. Tanjiro tells him that he can return to active duty in a week and asks if he can join his training, to which Giyu says no. He then remarks that Giyu reeks of rage and asks if he does, to which he replies that he is angry at him for not mastering water breathing, believing he was supposed to become a water hashira.

Giyu denies being a water hashira

Tanjiro apologizes, but notes that Sakonji Urokodaki told him that it's not unusual to change your style or create a derivative, and since water breathing is a basic style, many such derivatives have been created. Giyu explains that becoming the Water Hashira means nothing to him; Surprised by his remark, Tanjiro notes that there is one who has the title, him. Giyu bluntly tells Tanjiro that he is not a water hashira before ordering him to leave as he leaves. Tanjiro noticed Kagaya's letter and how he asked him to speak with Giyu and decided to do whatever it took.

He calls Giya again, mentions that he has onigiris, and asks if he would like to eat with him, believing that he will be calmer after he has had his fill. When he got no response, he placed the onigiris outside his door. That morning, Giyu finds him lying in his house when he wakes up; Tanjiro is happy to have eaten the food, but Giyu leaves, ignoring his calls. Horrified but not discouraged, Tanjiro follows him outside and pesters him with many stupid questions. For the next few days, he continues to follow Giya in everything he does, whether he is eating, meditating, bathing, or using the toilet.

Giyu trained and befriended Sabito.

Giyu, eventually tired of following him persistently, finally admits to Tanjiro that he failed the Final Selection. He asks if he means the wisteria mountain selection and Giyu confirms it. He explains that during the year he was entering the selection, there was a boy who, like him, lost his family to demons; a boy with peach hair and stated that his name was Sabito, making Tanjiro remember him. They were both thirteen when they met; they became friends because of that and because they were similarly lonely. She describes him as kind and with a strong sense of justice.

Sabito used Striking Tide to kill the demon

Giyu sadly recalls that Sabito was the only one to die in the Final Selection, but not before almost every demon on the mountain himself. As a result, all but him passed. He himself was wounded and stunned by the first demon that attacked him. Before she could attack him again, Sabito suddenly appeared and using Water Breathing, Fourth Form: Striking Tide rushed in and chopped off his head. Giyu, weak from his injury and heavy blood loss, almost passed out, but was caught by Sabito to stop him from falling.

However, they soon heard a distant scream of terror as a large green demon grabbed the claimant and was about to devour him. Sabito entrusted Giya to his fellow trainees and ran towards the source of the voice. Giyu tried to reach out to him, but he suddenly collapsed. When he wakes up a week later, he learns from the other survivors that he has passed the final selection, but Giyu refuses to accept like him, someone who has not defeated a single demon.