Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 4 English Dub

Watch Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 4 English Dub

Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 4

 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3 begins with Tokito Muichiro, Mist Hashira, slicing to death a fish minion vase produced by Gyokko, a potted demon. Kotetsu hugs him and sobs, expressing her gratitude for saving him.

Tokito tries to leave, but Kotetsu tells him that Kanamori is also attacked as he tries to protect Haganezuka while he repairs the three hundred to 12 month old blade. He hears Kagaya Ubuyashiki telling him in his brain that he will soon find himself as Kotetsu pleads for help. In a flashback, Tokito is seriously injured and has lost all his memories.

As a temporary clarification, Ubuyashiki tells him to just keep living, leading to his modern apathetic self. but she tells him that even the smallest thing can trigger and bring back his ancient memories. Tokito takes Kotetsu and starts running towards Kanamori, but he's not sure if he's doing the right thing by leaving the village unprotected.

somewhere else, Tanjiro accidentally cuts a similar Urogi, a winged demon, and regrets it, as the demon splits into more clones. but he realizes that his attack is weaker because each clone is an emotion like joy and also when they split up their power decreases. When Urogi attacks, his clones disappear and Tanjiro realizes that he cannot become infinite clones and there is a limit. however, the younger assassin is unable to stop Urogi as he keeps attacking to keep him from being chopped into larger clones.

meanwhile, Nezuko tries to stop Karaku, a content clone with a maple leaf fan, while Genya bleeds from being stabbed through Aizetsu, a spear of sadness clone. Sekido, the anger clone, is resentful of Karaka and wishes to finish off Nezuko, but he continues to toy with her.

As for Aizetsu, as he tries to get rid of his spear, he is shot in the head by Genya, but he just regenerates. When he finally pulls out his spear, Genya chants the Amida Sutra and leaps up as he attempts to kill Aizetsu. each he and Sekido are shocked that Genya is still not lifeless. Aizetsu kicks Genya into all the other rooms, but he refuses to die as he still chants and aims his weapon at the demon clone.

Seeing the chaos, Karaku is excited to enlist in the fight and simply kicks Nezuko, hoping to kill her. but she kicks him back and uses her demon blood art to use his own fan to blow him away. greatly surprised, Sekido stabs her in the neck along with his body of workers and attacks her with lightning.

meanwhile, Tanjiro continues to search for a way to defeat Urogi and help Nezuko and Genya. Tanjiro pretends to run away and stabs him in the mouth while Urogi attacks. He uses the clone's frame as support to fly down to the house and Sekido is surprised. He tries to attack Tanjiro with lightning, but the assassin stops it with Urogi's leg.

After realizing that damaging the clones' tongues causes them to regenerate more slowly, Tanjiro proceeds to cut out Sekido's tongue. However, simply by removing the manpower that is keeping Nezuko down, Sekido quickly recovers and attacks. Nezuko blocks it, but then Karaku just appears and attacks. The Kamado siblings fall through the floor and black out as Karaku laughs that he can kill them afterwards. 

meanwhile, the rest of the villagers raise an alarm to alert everyone to the attack. The swordsmen attempt to attack the fish minions, but seem to be losing. At that moment, Mitsuri, who was assigned to a nearby precinct, runs to their aid, led by her crow.

in the epilogue we get the story of Kimetsu Academy. Mitsuri is 19 and an art student who wants to cheer people up with her paintings. As she wonders when she will be able to find the person of her goals, her stuffed animal says that no one will like her because she is greedy and too powerful. He is undeterred as he continues his artistic work. however oblivious to her surroundings, we can see that she is extremely popular with some of the boys at the academy.

Episode rating

Every fight sequence in the third season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba keeps getting higher and higher. The clones are a new addition for laughs as you can see from a mile away that each one represents an emotion. depending on their emotions, they also reconnect with their abilities and personalities, including Karaku, who uses a fan and is usually cozy, while the irritable Sekido is always resentful and uses truth-telling lightning as a weapon.

Even the brand new slayers are so cool. while Genya and Tokito simply didn't leave much of an impact in previous seasons, they certainly have storylines that could be worth exploring. Genya seems almost eternal, but Tokit's tendency to break up is not a reflection of who he is; rather, it is the result of a significant event.


Muichiro saves Kotetsu who was attacked by a goldfish demon. He tries to rush to the village where the crisis is brewing, but Kotetsu asks him to save Haganezuka and Kanamori, so he goes to them instead. Meanwhile, Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya face off against the demons, who split into four separate bodies. Separated from the rest, Tanjiro alone continues a close battle with the demon marked with the word "Joy"...[1]

Muichiro kills the fish demon.

Muichiro cuts off the fish demon's arm to save Kotetsu and orders it to run so as not to hinder his fight. The demon recovers and lunges at him, but Hashira lunges forward and cuts off his head. To his surprise, it keeps moving and eventually grows a full head. He notices a vase on the back and cuts through it, finally killing the demon and confirming his suspicions that it was created with Blood Demon Art.

Looking at his savior, Kotetsu holds Muichiro tightly, thanking him for saving his life and apologizing for insulting him, which Hashira doesn't know what he's talking about. As the blacksmith takes back his hatred towards him, Muichiro tries to move on and walks away, but Kotetsu pleads with him to save Kozo, who is currently under attack. He also explains that Hotaru polishes the blade day after day by himself and begs him to save them. Muichiro initially tries to ignore him, but suddenly remembers something Kagaya Ubuyashiki told him: "You will definitely come back, Muichiro".

Muichiro takes Kotetsu with him

He remembers when the church leader and his wife visited him while he was recovering from a demonic attack. Noticing the boy's confusion, Kagaya told him to think only of survival and that if he stayed alive, his lost memories would eventually return to him. The leader informs Muichir not to miss the opportunity as even insignificant events can trigger her to finally clear her mind. Accepting Kagaya's words, Muichiro lifts Kotetsu onto his shoulder and races through the forest, much to the young swordsman's dismay. As he runs, he wonders if he is making the right decision, as moving to save Koza and Hotaru will jeopardize the protection of the village. However, he reaffirms that he can succeed as Kagaya recognizes him as Mist Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Urogi flies down to attack

As the winged demon's head tries to let out another sonic scream, Tanjiro cuts it in half to stop the attack. The halflings instead form new mouths and fire at Tanjiro, who is stunned by the attack, but realizes that he has weakened, indicating that the four demons share some power. He noticed that each demon's tongue had an emotion engraved on it; the demon he faces is a manifestation of joy. He stabs the flesh halves, but the winged demon reappears and launches a sonic attack, though the Demon Slayer dodges in time before seeing the demon flesh on his sword disappear. The demon circles back to swoop down and slash the demon slayer's left shoulder.

Urogi's head is split open by Tanjiro

He flies down again and slashes his right shoulder before attacking again and kicking him into a tree. Tanjiro is soon slashed on his forearm, shoulder, thigh, and chest as the demon continues its swift attack. The demon lunges once more and slashes its back, but Tanjiro is able to slice through its head at the same time. He slows and heals as Tanjiro sprints at him, forcing the demon to prepare another sonic punch. Tanjiro manages to slice through his head to stop him, and the winged demon falls to the ground, though his lost half grows back and rises again.

Realizing that he is unable to help them at this point, Tanjiro begs Nezuko and Genya to stay alive. While Nezuko struggles with Karaku, Genya struggles to move with the yari in his chest. Sekido angrily orders the pleasure demon to quickly rip off her limbs, but Karaku intends to enjoy his skirmishes and instead tells the anger demon to help Aizetsu. The Demon of Sorrow submits to kill Nezuko, but is unable to draw his yari out, giving Genya a chance to shoot him and blow his head off. Sekido is angered by Aizetsu's slow thinking as the headless demon pulls his yari from Genya before quickly healing his head and neck.

Genya's blow severed Sekido's hand.

Despite Aizetsu believing his injuries would kill him, Genya unexpectedly begins reciting the Amida Sutra, leading Sekido to demand that the demon slayer's head be split in half. Aizetsu reluctantly complies and swings the yari down, but to his shock misses completely. Suddenly, Genya appears behind him and tries to cut his throat, only to be shocked by Sekido's lightning. Struggling to pull the trigger on his shotgun, he gathers the strength to aim at Sekid and fires, severing the demon's right arm. The anger demon refuses to believe that Genya is still alive despite being injured by Aizetsu, who then swings his yari and hits Genya in the chest with the shaft, sending him into the room.

Nezuko fires and shoots Karaka with her weapon

Wanting to fight Genya instead, Karaku kicks Nezuko and kicks her torso before telling Sekido to impale her with his khakkhara once he rips her limbs apart and shocks her repeatedly until she's immobilized, to which the enraged demons reply that the thought was his original intention. As she tries to rip her hand off, Nezuko kicks Karaku in the jaw and partially cuts his throat before ripping her hand off. The pleasure demon heals his neck, but is splashed with her blood, allowing her to use Exploding Blood and set him on fire.

Nezuko twists her arm and uses an uchiwa on the distracted Karaku, blasting him away with a gust of her own wind. She tries to repeat the move with Sekido, but the demon uchiwa counters with his khakkahara and stabs her in the neck before summoning his lightning and shocking her in place. Still unable to fend off the winged demon, Tanjiro cut his face. Noticing that the building with Genya and Nezuko is nearby, he comes up with a plan but refuses to go against it, still unable to find an alternative.

Genya tells Aizetsu to remember his name.

As the demon lunges down, Tanjiro slashes at its feet, but misses before crouching to avoid its claws. He once again begs Nezuko and Genya to stay alive, hoping to help them. Elsewhere, Aizetsu approaches a seemingly unconscious Genya, only to see him continuing to repeat his sutra. The Demon Slayer asks who it is and he replies that the name of the man who will kill him is Shinazugawa Genya.