Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 3 English Dub

Watch Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 3 English Dub

 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3 Episode 3 

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3 Episode 3 (Swordsmith Village Arc) titled "The Sword of Over 300 Years Ago" opens with Kotetsu and Tanjiro being surprised by the sword hidden in Yoriichi Type Zero. Kotetsu is excited for Tanjiro to use the sword, but is afraid and tries to convince each other of their ideas. However, they decide to unsheath the sword, only to see that it is rusty and are disappointed.

The newly sharpened Hotaru Haganezuka appears and tries to take the sword and both try to stop him as they wonder about his intentions. Kanamori comes and tickles Haganezuko until she dies. He says that Haganezuko was training to make a stronger sword for Tanjioro who was touched by it.

Haganezuko suddenly wakes up and declares that she will repair the sword for Tanjiro, and Kotetsu admonishes him for being so vague earlier. Haganezuko is angry and tries to beat him up, but Tanjiro and Kanamori stop him by tickling him. He ends up giving Tanjiro a temporary sword and promises to return in 3 days with a newly polished 300 year old sword.

At dinner time, Tanjiro worries about Haganezuko and expresses his concerns to Genya. However, the other slayer has no interest in befriending him since he broke his arm during their final selection. Tanjiro discovers unexpectedly that Genya fractured his teeth at the hot spring and that he intended to give it back. The other boy is weird and kicks Tanjiro.

However, Tanjiro is undeterred, and as he braids Nezuko's hair, he comes up with a plan to befriend Genya and share a meal with him the next morning.

Meanwhile, the swordsman returns from the hot springs and sees the vase. He goes to check and it turns out to be a potted demon vase, Gyokko, who eats the swordsman but vomits it up. He hates the taste, but says he won't mind destroying the village anyway, as it will weaken the assassins. As for Hanteng, he hides on the roof and goes through his plan to quickly kill everyone for standing up to Muzan.

At that time, Genya goes to the swordsman's hut to check his sword and finds it empty. He sees the sword and remembers his brother Sanemi. Meanwhile, Muichiro Tokito wakes up Tanjiro and wants to know about Kanamori. He says that Kanamori is his new swordsman and Tanjiro offers to help him search.

Tokito thinks he's curious, but Tanjiro says that favors are returned. Tokito is shocked by him and asks him to repeat his words. Nezuko interrupts them and he steps back. He wonders if he's ever seen Nezuko before and both siblings are confused. Suddenly he hears something and sees Hantenga crying as he slowly enters. Tokito attacks but the demon is fast and dodges it.

Tanjiro warns Nezuko against using her demon form because it could make her situation worse despite her best efforts to assist. Tokito cuts off Hantengu's head, but the demon splits into two more demons, Sekido and Karaku. Tokito is destroyed in a single motion while the other demon goes after Tanjiro. Genya appears with nichirin bullets and shoots the demons. He then cuts off their heads and this demon splits into two more demons.

Tanjiro realizes that every time Hantengu cuts him down, he creates a new clone of himself, and each clone has a different ability. As they try to find out Hantengu's weak spot, the winged clone flies off with Tanjiro while another clone stabs Genyu. When Tanjiro orders Nezuko to assist Genya, the winged demon makes fun of him. Tanjiro cuts off the leg holding him, but the clone uses sound waves to attack and he falls into the forest.

Tokito, in the meantime, rushes back to the scene upon witnessing Kotetsu attempting to repel the demon. He argues that the child has the least skill and will be the least useful to him, so he should help those with the most skill, such as the master swordsman. But he remembers Tanjiro's words and returns. Kotetsu is going to be devoured by the demon, but Tokito stops him.

In the epilogue, Kotetsu is upset that Haganezuko is busy working on a 300-year-old sword while they are attacked. Tanjiro reveals that Haganezuko has chimes on his hat because whenever he got angry as a child, his family would calm him down with chimes. Haganezuko appears and scolds them for thinking of him as a child. But they start playing the glockenspiel and he tries to run away.=

Episode review

Finally the event started. While the filler episodes of the slayers recovering and training were fun to watch, the action sequences of the demon slayers are on another level. And with this episode, we received a sneak peek at what's coming in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3.

Every season the demons and slayers up their game and we have some really exciting abilities this season. Sure, Hantengu may be a coward, but he's a higher rank demon for some reason. Splitting into a clone every time he's decapitated is a pretty great defense. As for Tokito, there's definitely something going on with him that can change our perception of him as an apathetic killer who likes to avoid.


Yoriichi Type Zero is destroyed at the end of Tanjiro's training, but a sword from over 300 years ago appears from within. Kotetsu gives Tanjiro a sword, but it is heavily rusted. At that moment, Haganezuka appears and takes the sword with him to perform the grueling harassing process passed down in his bloodline. Meanwhile, the presence of demons is closing in on the village...[1]

Tanjiro and Kotetsu see the old blade rusted.

After dealing a blow to Yoriichi Type Zero, Tanjiro and Kotetsu watch as the head breaks off, revealing a 300-year-old sword in a doll. The two become ecstatic in their search for such a weapon, with Kotetsu believing that Tanjiro should wield it as he lacked his own. Tanjiro refuses to take the blade, but the blacksmith notes that Sengoku period steel is considered the highest quality, adding that Tanjiro as the one who revealed that he earned the right to use it.

Hotaru tries to take the ancient sword

They eagerly draw the blade from its scabbard, but are quickly disappointed to see the sword heavily rusted; Kotetsu apologizes for exciting Tanjiro, who humbly accepts with tears of disappointment in his eyes. Suddenly loud footsteps shake the ground; they turned to see the now extremely muscular Hotaru Haganezuka coming towards them saying that he should leave the sword on him. Tanjiro and Kotetsu try to pull her away from the older swordsman, confused by his statement and believe it should be Kotetsu's, but Hotaru continues to insist on taking it.

Tanjiro mentions that he was looking for him, but the blacksmith didn't answer him and ended up pulling the blade away by knocking them to the ground. Bewildered by the man's immature antics, they are joined by Kozo Kanamori, who readily demonstrates that by tickling Hotaru's hips, Hotaru can be exhausted and calmed down for a time. With an eccentric swordsman's calm, Kozo talks to Tanjiro and explains that Hotaru has been hiding in the mountains to train to make a blade that won't break, surprising the demon slayer. He adds that Hotaru appreciates Tanjiro for believing in him to make the sword because the other demon slayers don't like him, which Kotetsu attributes to poor social skills.

Hotaru gives Tanjiro a replacement sword.

Hotaru then wakes up and exuberantly declares that he will polish and restore the rusty blade, to which Kotetsu comments that he could have said that in the beginning, causing the muscular blacksmith to angrily grab him; Tanjiro and Kozo quickly tickle him to exhaustion to save the boy. Before leaving, Hotaru gives Tanjiro a spare blade to use for the time being, which the swordsman is grateful for.

Genya remembers when Tanjiro broke his arm

The next day in the village, Tanjiro talks about Hotaru and mentions that the extensive polishing he undertakes is so intense that it has killed people; he becomes concerned for his safety and notes that he is not allowed to watch either. He relays his concerns to Genya sitting nearby, who doesn't care about his situation and demands that he not talk to him as a friend. Tanjiro is confused by his denial of friendship, and Genya explains that it is because he broke his arm in the Final Selection, though the former states that it was because he hit a girl; he offers him a rice cracker, only for Genya to smash it. While watching him speak, Tanjiro remembers that he was missing a tooth, which Genya vehemently denies; he pulls out the missing tooth as he was about to return it, disgusting Genyu to kick him out of the room. In her cabin, while braiding Nezuka's hair Mitsuri-style, she ponders Genya's constant anger, believing it to be because she is hungry.

Gyokko in the swordsman village.

While walking home from the hot springs, the swordsman finds an ornate vase on the stairs. He reaches forward to grab him, but is suddenly pulled in, squeezing and crushing his body through the opening until he is swallowed. The vase then spits him out, his body is horribly mutilated, but the blacksmith is barely alive. Gyokko emerges and brags that he doesn't like the taste of swordsmen. After infiltrating Swordsmith Village, he hopes its destruction will cripple the Demon Slayers. Joining the Upper Five in the village on the roof, Hantengu remembers Muzan's anger at the meeting and decides that killing everyone in the village will please him. In the woods, Genya walks into his swordsman's hut; though he sees that it is empty, he sees his completed Nichira Sword and stares at it, reflecting on his older brother and believing that "I have to do this".

As Tanjiro sleeps, someone pinches his nose to wake him up, and it is revealed to be Muichiro, who asks where Kozo Kanamori, his new swordsman, is. Tanjiro mentions that he can be with Hotaru and asks if he would like to come with him to search. Seeing the demon slayer smiling brightly, Hashira asks him why he cares so much about people, to which Tanjiro replies that helping people will always come to his aid and believes they can go together because the timing is right. His answer unexpectedly stuns Muichira and questions what he said earlier. Nezuko then wakes up and happily moves around when Tanjiro asks if he would like to come with him. Looking at the young demon, Muichiro comments that he is strange, but can't explain why.

Muichiro uses Shifting Flow Slash to attack Hanteng

Suddenly, the two hear someone outside their room. The door opens and a tearful and anxious Hantengu crawls towards it. Tanjiro and Muichiro are confused by his sudden presence, but quickly believe that the demon is a higher rank. Hashira unsheaths his blade and uses misty breathing, fourth form: Shifting Flow Slash; he rushes towards the demon and slashes, only to miss and find Hantenga on the ceiling with a small cut, begging them to stop "tormenting" him as he heals.

Tanjiro puts his nerves aside and quickly breathes in style and uses Hinokami Kagura: Sunflower Thrust, but he too fails to make contact with Hantengu, now on the floor; he is more confused when he sees that the demon is not fighting back. Enlarging herself, Nezuko delivers a powerful kick to the demon and slams it into a wall, but Tanjiro warns her against using the form as it will only further her transformation into a full demon. With the demon stunned by the kick, Muichiro sees his chance and cuts off Hanteng's head.

Hantengu is divided into Sekido and Karaku

However, remembering that beheading alone will not kill higher-ranking demons, Tanjiro warns Muichiro to keep him on his toes.

Anime notes

In the manga, Tanjiro jokingly picks up Kotetsu in shock when they see the hidden sword, while in the anime the same expression is used to express their excitement at seeing it.

Reflecting Genya's angry mood in the manga, Tanjiro is outside the cafeteria after being kicked by the latter, while in the anime, Nezuko braids her hair to look like Mitsuri in an added scene that edits Volume Extra.

The scene where Genya retrieves his Nichirin Sword from his swordsman's hut and thinks about Sanemi does not appear in the manga.

In the manga, when Tanjiro crosses his arms to imitate Muichiro, he thinks about the arrival of Tamayo's cat Chachamaru to bring news of the change in Nezuko's blood. This was not mentioned in the anime.

In the anime, Hotaru is seen giving Tanjiro an alternate sword as he polishes a rusty blade, while the manga only mentions that he had an alternate sword made by Hotaru when the Hantengu attacked them.

In the anime, when Tanjiro warns Nezuko against using her awakened form, it is stated that it is because using it would promote her transformation into an uncontrollable demon. This was not explained so well in the manga.

In the manga, Genya fires both barrels of his shotgun at once, while in the anime, he does so one barrel at a time. Genya's reloading scene is also not in the manga.