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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3 Episode 2

 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3 Episode 2 (Swordsmith Village Arc) titled "Yoriichi Type Zero" opens with Muichiro, Mist Hashira beating up a small swordsman. Tanjiro enters as he is upset that Hashira is looking down on the swordsman when he says that his time is much more valuable.

Hotaru hides nearby and hears Tanjiro stand behind the swordsmen as he says that without them, the demon slayers would not have the swords needed to kill the demons. Muichiro just knocks him down and leaves. Hotaru comes to check on Tanjiro, but runs away when he wakes up. The child swordsman thanks Tanjiro for his help, but ends up giving the key anyway so Muichiro can leave.

Tanjiro notices that the second demon slayer with the Hanafuda earrings is also missing. The kid says he's Yoriichi Type Zero, the prototype of a real demon slayer, and he needs the key to control him. He hears the fight and runs to find Muichiro training with Yoriichi, who has six arms. The child says that the real demon slayer was so remarkable that the doll could not follow his actions without six hands.

Tanjiro finds the doll familiar, but can't remember why. The child says the doll is from the Sengoku period, which is 3 centuries ago, and they still can't replicate it. He didn't want to give the key because if the doll breaks, he can't fix it. They watch in amazement as Muichira fights the doll, and Mitsuri's crow suddenly appears and says that Mist Hashira is the descendant of a Sun Breathing user.

Tanjiro notices that he is not using this technique and the crow attacks him for sullying his name. The child hints that it might be an inherited memory when he suddenly recalls the demon slayer from his dream. He says that the dream must be Tanjira's ancestors while the crow just laughs at him. Tanjiro addresses the child Kotetsu and thanks him for the information.

Just then, he sees Muichiro break the doll's armor and the child cries and runs away. He hides in a tree and Tanjiro encourages him to work hard and become a good swordsman to carry on his family's legacy, just as he does what he can to take down Muzan. As Kotetsu cheers up, Muichiro walks past them and they are surprised by his nonchalant behavior.

He says his sword broke so he took the doll's sword and showed it. It is attached to one of the doll's arms that you broke off. Tanjiro notices that there is no malice in him and he is just apathetic. It is raining before Kotetsu and Tanjiro discover the broken doll on the floor. He turns the key and the doll still moves, even though it has 5 arms.

Angry, Kotetsu says he will work hard and help Tanjiro become strong and defeat Mist Hashiru. The young assassin is shocked when a child drops a doll on him to immediately begin his training. As the doll continues to beat him over the next few days, Kotetsu curses either the doll or Tanjiro to become a stronger fighter. He points out that Tanjiro moves by habit and should move by his opponent.

Every day, Tanjiro scolds him and does not give him any food or water. Tanjiro marvels at his analytical and teaching techniques, but resents having to survive on rainwater. One day he blacks out and falls under water in a dream and sees a shiny stone. He comes and suddenly can guess the doll's next attack. His defense is weak, but he still gets hit and Kotetsu gives him food. Tanjiro finally senses which direction the doll is about to attack.

She jumps in and is about to cut his head off, but stops because she doesn't want to break the doll. Kotetsu encourages him, saying that he will work hard to repair the doll and that Tanjiro should complete his training and complete the strike. Tanjiro falls and Kotetsu goes to check on him. Suddenly, he sees the doll fall, and it is revealed that Tanjiro cut off its head. As the head falls, he sees a 300-year-old sword embedded in her body.

In the epilogue, Tanjiro and Nezuko wear swordsman masks. Tanjiro reveals that there are rumors that Kotetsu's face looks like the mask he wears, and so many villagers have told him that he doesn't need to wear the mask. Tanjiro says he has a sharp tongue but is a nice guy. Just then, Kotetsu looks for him to continue his training and scolds him as Tanjiro and Nezuko run away.

Episode review

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3 Episode 2 was fun to watch, even if it's a bit of a filler episode. The truly unique ways Tanjiro is trained by his various masters, whether it's Sabito or Aoi, is quite amusing. Well, this time he got a 10 year old swordsman whose words are as sharp as his sword.


Tanjiro encounters Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito and Kotetsu, a boy from the village, arguing. Muichiro is demanding that a “certain key” be handed over to him from Kotetsu. Being unable to look on in silence, Tanjiro intervenes to speak on behalf of Kotetsu, however Muichiro refuses to listen. According to Kotetsu, the key is used to operate a battle-type Mechanical Doll, Yoriichi Type Zero, that mimics the movement of a certain real-life swordsman...[1]

Muichiro elbows Tanjiro for interfering in his argument.

The young swordsmith continues to refuse Muichiro’s request for a key, as well as claiming he would not show how to use “it”. As Tanjiro watches the argument behind the trees, believing he should mediate, the annoyed Mist Hashira chops at the boy’s neck, rendering him unconscious. Tanjiro rushes in and confronts Muichiro, demanding he let go; he attempts to pull his hand away from the smith but cannot move the Hashira’s arm despite him being thinner and smaller.

The Hashira instead demands that he let go and elbows the Demon Slayer’s stomach, sending him to the ground in pain. He insults Tanjiro for being weak and wonders how he entered the Demon Slayer Corps, before he senses a demon inside the box he is carrying. Tanjiro swats his hand away and demands he does not touch it. He pulls the young smith from Muichiro’s hold, somewhat surprising him, but the upset swordsmith refuses Tanjiro’s help and declares again he would not give the key, believing the item he is worried about will break.

Muichiro insults him for believing he could hold out on such circumstances and reasons that he could make another one. He asks how many people might have died in the time he is refusing to give up something trivial and remarks that a Hashira’s time is more valuable than his; since he cannot fight, all a swordsmith is good for is making weapons. Muichiro asks for the key once more, only for Tanjiro to step in to defend the smith.

Muichiro and Tanjiro argue

The frustrated Demon Slayer claims that he cannot stand the Hashira's demeanor, and while he concurs with his statements, he adds that a swordsmith’s job is still vital, as a swordsman and a swordsmith cannot exist without each other. Muichiro suddenly cuts him off and states that he has no time to listen to a “boring speech”, before chopping at Tanjiro’s neck to knock him unconscious.

Sometime later, Tanjiro eventually wakes up, asking if Haganezuka had been around, but the swordsmith states that he is not. He then asks for Muichiro's whereabouts and the smith states that he gave him the key to fend him away. Though he is dismayed he interjected in a hopeless argument, the boy thanks Tanjiro for defending him. He then asks about the man who was with them but is told it was a mechanical doll, which needed the key. The young smith states that the combat doll is capable of 108 movements and can overpower a person, before the two then hear a loud clash, with the smith realizing that Muichiro has activated it.

The battle doll Yoriichi Type Zero.

Tanjiro and the swordsmith watch as Muichiro engages the battle doll in a rapid skirmish. The smith states that it was built by his ancestors and is known as Yoriichi Type Zero. Tanjiro asks why it has six arms and the boy responds that according to his father, the doll is based on a real person, but six arms was needed to replicate how fast the person's movement was. Looking at the doll's face, Tanjiro recognizes it but cannot pinpoint its familiarity, asking the smith who the person was, but even he does not know as the person was from the Sengoku period. Amazed at 300 year old technology still not replicated now, the smith then solemnly notes that if it was to be broken, it cannot be fixed by anyone, with Tanjiro realizing why the doll means so much to him.

As he watches Muichiro fight, he is amazed at someone so young being so talented. A shrill voice comments that Muichiro's prodigious skill is due to being a descendant of the wielder of Sun Breathing; it is Muichiro's Kasugai Crow. When Tanjiro notes that the Hashira doesn't use Sun Breathing, the crow bites him for insulting her owner. The Demon Slayer then notes that he saw the man in a dream, but the crow lambasts his claims that he knows someone from the Sengoku period.

The swordsmith then realizes that he perhaps saw an inherited memory, and possibly one of his ancestor's. Happy that his claims are not out of proportions, Tanjiro asks for the boy's name, who replies he is Kotetsu. They then hear a loud crash as Muichiro lands a blow on the doll, causing extensive damage. Seeing this, Kotetsu runs away in anguish. Using his sense of smell, Tanjiro eventually locates Kotetsu up in a tree and offers his help, while remarking that he cannot give up on the doll. He states that he must try for his future self, but Kotetsu refuses to continue, believing all his generation's accomplishments will end with him.

Tanjiro telling Kotetsu to do his best.

Suddenly, he notices Tanjiro hanging by a branch beside him and is flicked in the chin, shocked and amazed that the Demon Slayer climbed up quickly and silently. Tanjiro claims that even when he cannot do something now, someone will help him, and even if it is something beyond him now, his descendants will eventually do it. He proclaims his desire to defeat Muzan Kibutsuji and save Nezuko but even he could die before fulfilling it, yet he remains hopeful someone will do it for him. Clutching Kotetsu's hand, the Demon Slayer declares that they do their best together, bringing the young swordsmith to tears and inspiring him to continue.