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In Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 7, Tanjiro and his allies engage in a fierce battle with the demon Akaz, one of the twelve Kizuki. Akaza proves to be a formidable opponent, using his strength and speed to overwhelm the demonic slayers. Meanwhile, Tanjiro's sister Nezuko unleashes her demonic powers to help her brother and his friends fight against a powerful demon.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 7 is a thrilling and action-packed episode that delivers on the hype and anticipation that has been building since the beginning of the season. The fight scenes are expertly animated and choreographed, with Akaza's incredible speed and strength posing a formidable challenge to Tanjiro and his allies. The episode also showcases the full extent of Nezuka's demonic powers, and her contributions to the fight are an exciting and welcome addition to the series. The emotional moments between the characters are also well done, adding depth and complexity to their relationships. However, some viewers may find the pacing of the episode a bit slow at times, with some scenes feeling like they drag on for too long. However, the episode's cliffhanger ending will definitely leave viewers wanting more. All in all, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 7 is a strong entry in the series, delivering thrilling action and emotional depth in equal measure.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 7 English

 Kyojuro Rengoku continues to fight the Upper Three Akaza while sustaining mortal wounds while the evil spirit immediately repairs its sustained damage. After his Fire Breathing, Fifth Structure: Fire Tiger is overpowered by a disastrous pass Upper Position: Jumble, Akaza retreats and passes Kyojuro to absorb the deterioration. Tanjiro and Inosuke watch helplessly as the strong Hashira is taken down with a top position, Tanjiro still too exhausted to think of moving after using Hinokami Kagura and backing up the wounds.

Akaza again tries to drive Kyojuro to change. he recovers from his chest, though Kyojuro's mortal wounds will surely kill him should he turn into a devil. Suddenly, fire engulfs Kyojuro's body as Akaza looks on in confusion at his assurance. Kyojuro raises his blade and takes a stance, indicating that he will fulfill his obligations and not allow anyone to kick the bucket as he intends to hurt Akaz however much could reasonably be expected in the moment. He uses Fire Relaxing: Yet again obscure Craftsmanship and strengthens himself for the fight to come.

Akaza is finally energized and declares that he should transform into a devil, impressed by his constant soul and assurance regardless of his hopeless injuries. Kyojuro said to himself, "Ignite your heart. Go beyond your limit points", he announces that he is Fiery Hashira and uses the 10th Structure: Rengoku. Akaza matches Horrendous Passing: Demolition Type.

Kyojuro rushes forward into a monstrous flaming mythical beast and is met with various shockwaves from Akaza. In the resulting chaos, Kyojuro slashes Akaz's arm and his chest twice. In any case, as the fire dissipates, Tanjiro, searching with sickening dread, figures out how to break through Kyojuro's solar-powered plexus. As his own wounds quickly recover, the devil encourages Hashiru to change, as this latest injury will kill him.

Out of the blue, Kyojuro remembers his mother Ruku and sees a memory of her during his life as a child. Shortly before her demise, she had a final discussion with him about why he was more grounded than the others. The moment he replies that he has no idea for an explanation, Ruka lets him know that it's to protect those more vulnerable than himself: "It is the duty of those who are conceived to protect the weak," the obligation turns into a drive that pushes him like Hashira . Kyojuro's hand wraps around, letting him know she's honored to have such areas of strength for a delicate child that destroys both mother and child in a gentle embrace.

Kyojuro repeats her words and gathers strength in his grip, thrusting into Akazu's throat as he tells her personally that he considers her as his mother. Kyojuro gathers more strength and grips his sword deeper; Akaza tries to punch him with his free hand, but the demon slayer stops his clenched hand mid-strike, stunning the devil. The sun is starting to rise, unfortunately. He tries to break free, but Kyojuro holds him ready and won't let him escape. Despite his earlier warning, Tanjiro ignores his injuries and rushes to retrieve his blade and help him kill Akazu.

In daylight, Akaza tries to get away, but Kyojuro keeps up and secures them both. Tanjiro inclines Inosuke to move for Kyojura's sake. Not as injured as Tanjiro, Inosuke runs towards Akaze and jumps high, using Monster Breathing, First Tooth: Puncture and trying to go for Upper Position. Unexpectedly, Akaza rips his hands away from Kyojuro's body and stomps hard on the ground, causing shockwaves that send Inosuke away and slow Tanjiro's attempt to attack. When he saw the sun, he covered his face and ran into the forest for safety.

In sheer desperation, Tanjiro chases after him and takes possession of Hinokami Kagura's breath, throwing the blade into Upper Stance and piercing his chest. Tanjiro angrily yells at Akazu, telling him not to run and calling him a weakling for backing down, which infuriates Akazu at his words. He mutters that he was running from the sun, not him, and declares that the fight is over, as Kyojuro will immediately cross over anyway when he effectively gets away from daylight. Tanjiro declares the presence of evil The Slayers have consistently fought the devils when their presence has an advantage around evening, and they fight despite not recovering quickly from their injuries and being unable to recover their appendages.

He shouts that Kyojuro is the real winner of their conflict for being more grounded, for not getting kicked in the bucket by any means, and fighting to the end while crying wildly. Inosuke flinches as he sees Tanjiro lose his balance, but Kyojuro smirks tenderly at his young devil slayer's words. She encourages him to stop yelling and accidentally returns the injury.\

Kyojuro welcomes Tanjiro to a final discussion before his death. The fantasy he had on the train made him remember that his father often read the previous Fire Hashira's notes and that the notes might have contained data about Hinokami Kagura that he had no idea about, teaching him to visit Rengoku's home. . As the sun fully rose, Akaz's torn arm was consumed into debris, and Kyojuro's injuries made him run away faster. Regardless of Tanjiro asking him to stop dying, Kyojuro calmly lets him know that he will be dead soon and takes a moment to speak in his last minutes.

Kyojuro brings up Tanjiro to tell his younger sibling, Senjuro, to "trust your instincts and walk the way you think is right" and to tell his father to "deal with yourself". She adds that she recognizes Nezuko as a legitimate member of the Demon Slayer Corps as she fought to save the passengers while she was dying. Kyojuro encourages Tanjiro that despite his own feelings of inadequacy and futility to "set your heart on fire".

Time would keep moving forward and he shouldn't give up in this frame of mind as he was happy to protect them like Hashira. In the end, taking care of Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu, he told the trio that he had faith in them to transform into the next Hashiru of the Demon Slayer Corps. Unexpectedly, a dream about the Hand appears in front of Kyojuro. He asks if he has fulfilled his obligations; Ruka tells her child that he did good to her. Hearing this, Kyojuro grinned beautifully and finally succumbed to his injuries.

Zenitsu approaches Tanjiro and Inosuke and lets them know that Kyojuro saved the train from being hurt more when it crashed. Shocked by what he sees, he questions if the Upper Moon really appeared, which Tanjiro claims it did. He begins to cry and tragically states that although he dominates something, another wall appears in front of him. As the three destroy, Tanjiro wonders if he could ever become like Kyojuro.

Hearing his questions, Inosuke glares at him and tells his companion Kyojuro to put supplies in them, advising him to stop whining. He lets them know that sobbing for the dead won't bring them back and they should move on because he personally is crying. As Zenitsu told him, Inosuke hit him on the head, but it didn't stop the tears as the three mourned Kyojuro's death.

Kyojuro's Kasugai crow informs the presence of the Evil Slayer Corps about his demise and Akaza's appearance. Word has spread to the Hashiras who are being raised by their Kasugai Crows. Shinobu and Kanao react with problems, Mitsuri is impressed with his ride, Muichiro doesn't respond, and Tengen is dismayed that even Kyojuro couldn't beat Upper Position. Obanai doesn't quite accept it, Gyomei asks God for his spirit while Genya is dazed, Sanemi reaffirms her disdain for evil presences and vows to destroy them all, and a shocked Giyu subtly trusts.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki is informed that not one of the 200 passengers was killed. He calmly refers to Kyojuro as a "surprising child" and says that he is not disappointed by his fall because when all is said and done, she will go with him to a place known for the dead without further ado. .