Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 6

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 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 6 Summary:

 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 6 Tanjiro and his companions continue their excursion to investigate the presence of evil in the diversion area. They meet a demon slayer named Tengen Uzui who gives them information about the presence of evil they are looking for. Meanwhile, the evil spirit Akaza, one of the Twelve Kizuki, pursues the next part to join their ranks, targeting Tanjiro's partner Kanao. 

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 6 offers a mix of action, suspense and character development that will satisfy fans of the series. The introduction of Tengen Uzui as a regular person adds another dynamic to the series and the episode works really hard to give his personality more backstory and depth. The fight scenes are again artfully brought to life, with a fight between Akasa and Kanae being part of the episode. The close-to-home minutes between Tanjiro and Kanao add another layer of depth to their relationship, and the episode closes on a high that leaves viewers excitedly anticipating the next installment. Regardless, the episode feels like slow motion at times, with some scenes running too long. In any case, a still enjoyable episode paves the way for more exciting experiences. Generally speaking, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 6 is a strong extension of the series and promises some really exciting demon slaying in the upcoming episodes.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 6

After Tanjiro effectively executes Enma, the devil tissue falls from the vehicles, but the screams of the lower ranks cause the Mugen train to crash at high speed. An unexpected effect causes Tanjiro, Inosuke, and the oblivious train specialist to be thrown very high, with Tanjiro frantically trying to save him.

The train derails and slides across the ground as Tanjiro himself moves helplessly through the ground. Arriving safely at Enmu's delicate tissue, Inosuke rushes to his confidant and asks for prosperity. However he answers, Tanjiro understands the injury to his stomach and moving on the ground will prevent him from moving.

Tanjiro asks if the train specialist and passengers are protected, to which Inosuke replies that the constructor is stuck with his feet under the vehicles. It won't help, he's actually angry at him for cutting Tanjiro, adding that he'll probably never walk again from now on. Tanjiro pleads with him, telling his companion that the man has proactively made amends for his wrongdoing, to which Inosuke gives in in the long run and goes to help free him. As he rests and rests, receiving Nezuko, Zenitsu and Kyojuro are protected, a small piece of Enmu's full exploration crawls with destruction.

He gradually breaks down and berates himself for not being able to eat a single one of the 200 travelers, at which point he blames Hashiru the Fire for defeating his arrangement to swallow them in conjunction with the train. He angers Zenitsu, who fought him while he was still dozing, and was confused by an evil spirit like Nezuko, who also stopped him. He sneaks up to the Demon Slayer who crushes him while muttering that it was Tanjiro who destroyed his arrangement anyway, as well as Inosuke and his magnificent instinct.

As his tissue blurs, he mourns as only the lower ranks end up dead while the upper ranks stay alive for quite a while. In his final minutes, Enmu pleads for one more chance while reeling from the horror of his death as the Bottom finally falls.

Out of the blue, Tanjiro meets Kyojuro, who compliments him on his All out Focus, Consistent dominance. She lets him know that Consistent is the first of many steps to becoming Hashira and advises him to expand his breathing control and precision. Kyojuro lets him know that a vein in his midsection is torn, helping him stop the blood inside. Hashira lets him know that he'll be more grounded than he was yesterday, then adds at that point that travelers aren't generally damaged to relieve Tanjiro.

Suddenly there is a crash behind them. As Kyojuro and Tanjiro look behind each other, they watch a figure rise from the residual cloud. Tanjiro looks at the kanji in the figure's eyes and is shocked to see the top position three. The evil spirit looks at Tanjiro and suddenly disappears, rushing forward to kill him. Kyojuro probes the attack and cuts the evil presence's arm with Fire Breathing, Second Structure: Rising Burning Sun.

The evil spirit turns back and recovers from his injuries within minutes while praising his blade. Kyojuro questions why the presence of evil would go after the injured first, to which he replies that he was stressed that Tanjiro would get into their speech. Kyojuro defends himself by stating that despite meeting him recently, he hates him from now on. The Upper Three states that he is basically corrupted by the frailty, then at that point suggests that he also turns into an evil presence that Kyojuro declines. He asks for Kyojuro's name and then introduces himself as Akaza.

He tries to urge him once more, telling him like the devil that he might prepare and become stronger long into the future. Tanjiro can see that the aroma he's giving off is largely the most grounded of the Muzans he's encountered up to this point. Kyojuro lets Akaz know that getting old and kicking the bucket is important to being human and letting him know that strength isn't just about the body. Rejecting that Tanjiro is not fragile, he again refuses to turn into an evil presence. Enraged by his rejection, Akaza performs his work of Blood Devil Workmanship, a sparkling air titled Strategy Improvement, Damaging Demise: Compass Needle. As Akaza plans the battle, he tells Kyojuro that his refusal will lead to his downfall.

He charges forward and strikes while Kyojuro deflects his various blows and returns attacks: Tanjiro cannot lead a conflict that is too delayed to see the fight. Akaza insults him by pointing out that none of the Hashiras he encountered were Fire Hashiras and that everyone he killed denied his proposal, confused as to why. Kyojuro figures out how to cut off the lower part of his arm, but Akaza repairs the injury in a split second.

Akaza jumps very high and uses Horrendous Demise: Air Type, sending various shock waves at Hashiru. Kyojuro blocks the incoming attack with Fire Breathing, Fourth Structure: Sprouting Fire Undulation. Understanding the ranged combat will be interesting, Kyojuro lunges towards Akaz to close the hole and barely gets by the neck. Undeterred, Akaza continues his various strikes, taunting Kyojuro that his abilities will be wasted if he passes, while Hashira still denies his aggressive statement. 

Kyojuro slams Akazu into a nearby forest and figures out how to cut his arm once more, prompting Akazu to kick him away in suitably vicious fashion. sent Hashiru ripping hard into the ground. He tries to goad Kyojuro into changing his clothes once more and immediately recovers his cut arm. Kyojuro descends again and jumps out of sight, using Fire Breathing, Third Structure: Bursting Universe to slice through Akaz's chest. Presence of Evil instantly recovers the damage and praises him for his soul, sending out another Damaging Demise: Air Type shockwave and limiting his miss. Inosuke watches the fight in awe, noting that the two are in an alternate aspect and that joining the conflict himself will cause his death.

Akaza again tries to get at Kyojuro by discussing the pointlessness of his battle, as much as he denies it. Top position begins to connect, first cutting Kyojuro's temple to the side of his clenched hand. Kyojuro charges forward and bends his body into Fire Breathing, First Structure: Unconscious Fire. The attack cuts both of Akaz's arms, but he quickly recovers and continues his attack.

Unexpectedly, he hits Hashiru with a direct side punch, breaking his ribs. Stumbling back in agony, Kyojuro continues to retaliate, using the Second Structure: Rising Singing Sun slice to regain his arms. Akaza avoids the slash and punches Kyojuru directly in the face. Even as his sword defends his clenched hand, Akaza pushes forward and his hand sneaks away, hitting Kyojuro's left eye and snapping it.

Kyojuro continues, using Fire Breathing, Third Structure: Bursting Universe, and Fourth Structure: Sprouting Fire Undulation in the progression, expecting to hit Akazu. The evil spirit jumps back somewhere safe and takes another position. Kyojuro then uses Fire Breathing at this point, Structure Five: Fire Tiger, delivering a flaming wave to the Upper Position. Akaza responds with Horrendous Passing: Jumble, dispelling the fiend's attack and attacking Kyojura with another strike. Kyojuro steps into the conflict and cuts his hand. As the fire dissipates, Inosuke asks for someone to hear that Kyojuro has succeeded.

Hashira oozes out of his injuries, standing and breathing heavily as Akaza immediately recovers his cut arm and rises to confront him. Tanjiro won't fully accept seeing Fiery Hashira, who is currently heavily injured and knocked down by a formidable new danger. Akaza confronts his opponent and tells him not to pass while they fight, while Tanjiro and Inosuke helplessly look on.