Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 3

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 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 3 Summary: 

 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 3 sees Tanjiro and his companions investigating strange disappearances in Yoshiwara. They meet Tengen Uzui, a powerful demon slayer who works to infiltrate and gather knowledge. Together, they devise a plan to invade a secret brothel where devils hold their victims hostage. In any case, they soon discover that the evil spirits are remarkably powerful.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 3 delivers an undeniably exciting continuation of Yoshiwara's story with the introduction of the mysterious and magnetic Tengen Uzui, adding further momentum to the series. Once again the episode is packed with tension and suspense as the demon slayers explore their direction in a dodgy massage parlor and the battle scenes are masterfully energized. The possibility of new devils with special abilities adds another challenge to our legends, making the stakes higher than ever. Additionally, the episode features some really necessary persona improvements for Zenitsu, one of the more polarizing characters in the series, which will likely satisfy fans who have been reluctant to see more from him. In general, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 3 is a must for fans of the series and promises to be really exciting and extraordinary episodes to come.

 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 3

Enmu stays on the train in the Mugen train muttering to himself that they are lucky enough to bite the dust while resting. He talks about how humans are no different: Demon Slayers or not, they are driven by their heart, their deep core. Whenever it is erased, they are caught in a lull from which they cannot move at any point in the future. He finds Tanjiro falling more and more into sleep as he dreams of being seduced with his loved ones.

As Zenitsu falls deeper into his rest, he appears to be in a peach grove and his better half is Nezuko. He carries her on his back when he guarantees he can't swim the water stream and floats over the mountains with his Thunder Relaxing. Inosuke dreams that he is leading the cave effort, joined by Nezuko, "Ponjiro" and "Chuitsu" as his subordinates. They experience the monster that is the Mugen train in the cave and continue to charge forward to go after it.

Kyojuro dreams of being in Rengoku's legacy, sitting in front of his father to tell him about his promotion to Hashira. However, he excuses his success, calling it pointless, adding that he recognizes that Kyojuro will never amount to anything, just like him. Kyojuro leaves and sees his sibling Senjuro, who gets some information about their father's reaction, admitting that he might also be recognized if he transforms into Hashiru.

Kyojuro notes that his dad has never gone before; he once held the cloak of Fiery Hashiro however surprisingly he stopped and he was also once excited about preparing it. As intimidated as he is, he won't harp on it, and on the other hand, he supports Senjur that regardless of the absence of their father's confirmation, he will continue to be content and energetic. Senjuro is devastated when his sibling refers to him as himself as moral support.

Entrusted by Enmu, the four youths figure out how to enter his fantasies, empowered by a rope made from his Blood Evil Workmanship presence. Enmu make sense of the fantasy land that contains the border to the realm of the psyche, and they can cross it once they enter the fantasy and find its edge, educating them to erase their deep centers and handicap them. A young lady entrusted to Kyojuro finds the edge and crosses the line using a drill made from Enmu's bone.

As he navigates the strangely hot and red domain of subliminal quality, he figures out how to find its deep center. The moment she moves in to erase it, Kyojuro grabs her throat out of the blue while both of them are still oblivious, rendering the young lady in the domain unable to move; she is shocked and amazed at his mind blowing endurance senses, regardless of the fact that he is completely asleep.

Tanjiro plays with Rokuta while his mom, Kie, decides to make them salted rice sticks as a treat. Takeo is irritated and also needs salted rice, so Hanako and Shigeru add that when all is said and done, they do too. Meanwhile, the child who was entrusted to Tanjiro entered the fantasy and heard the Kamado family. Outside, Tanjiro is chopping wood for the fire, but as he fills the container and heads back home, he mutters, "Nezuko, we should go". Suddenly confused by his words, he looks back at his bushel. He returns and goes to the salon before looking around and asking where Nezuko is. Takeo replies that she went out to pick vegetables so he was stressed because it's daytime. His anxiety confuses his relatives, but before they understand, Kie asks him to bring water for the shower.

As she walks to the waterway, she tries to deal with his unusual remarks; at the same time, he surprisingly sees Nezuka's crate towards the corner of his eye, but it disappears as he investigates. Excusing it as just a toolbox, he arrives at the creek and fills his buckets. Unexpectedly, he sees his appearance warning him to wake up; he maneuvers him into the water and claims to be taking the brunt, so Tanjiro admits that he is indeed still on the train and asleep. The reflection pleads with him to wake up and fight, returning him to his home. In the front room, Tanjiro is currently fully aware that he is in a fantasy, but sees no way to get out.

On the train, Nezuko puts her suitcase down and sees Tanjiro and the demon slayers generally oblivious. She sees Tanjiro muttering that he really wants to wake up and tries different ways to do it before he gets frustrated and runs into his sibling to move him. Neglecting it and exhausting the effect, she begins to cry and tries one more time, prompting her Blood Evil spirit to initiate the craft. In the fantasy, Tanjiro is engulfed in flames by Nezuko, to the confusion and stress of his relatives. He smells her blood and envelops himself in more fire as he regains his Demon Slayer uniform and Nichirin's sword, gradually awakening and acknowledging him. Takeo and Hanako ask if she is okay; Tanjiro replies that he wants to leave and apologizes.

He runs out of the house and runs into the woods, saying that he wants to track down the presence of evil within the woods. To his shock, he hears Nezuko asking where he's going when he returns with a bowl of vegetables. When he hears her voice again, he starts destroying while his family shows up to address him. Kie asks if he's okay, but he doesn't answer to his relatives' anxiety. All things considered, he wants to stay here because his voice breaks; he wants to go back, and with all the freedoms he has, he intends to do so, to return to his life of making charcoal and caring for his loved ones. Assuming it never worked out, they would all actually be alive, with Nezuko still human.

All things being equal, he steps forward to leave them, condoning their demise and absolutely never accompanying them in the future. Seeing his most respected sibling leave, Rokuta yells at him and tries to chase after him, causing Tanjiro to cry and apologize that they can never be together in the future. He runs on, muttering that they will always be in his heart no matter what else. Meanwhile, the child who has entered his fantasy enters his domain of subliminal quality, but thinks it is strangely quiet and peaceful.

Outside the train, Enmu becomes confused that the youths seem to be taking up some time since none of the alien centers have been destroyed at this point, yet he doesn't play it. Tanjiro acknowledges that he is caught in a fantasy, but can smell an evil presence in the air. As he saves everyone, he is met out of nowhere by his father, Tanjuro, who makes a brief appearance and advises him to pick up his blade because there is something he really wants to cut. He pulls out his blade and acknowledges how he should wake up and get out of the fantasy.