Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 17

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Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 17 

 The Demon Slayer's Entertainment District arc reached its peak in intensity in Season 2, Episode 17. The battle between the Demon Slayer Corps and the Upper Rank Six siblings turned dramatically in their favor when Gyutaro entered the battle and injured Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui.

The tides seemed to turn in Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16 when Inosuke Hashibira cut off Daki's head and ran off with her head. However, Gyutaro ambushed him and stabbed him in the heart.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 17 is a thrilling and action-packed episode that sets up the next arc of the series while introducing new characters and plots. The introduction of Tengen Uzui and the amusement district adds new depth to the series, and the battle against Dom and his minions is the highlight of the episode. The animation and art continue to be top-notch, with the attention to detail in character design and environments adding to the immersion of the story. The pace of the episode is well balanced, the introduction of new characters and plots feels natural and unhurried. The episode's cliffhanger ending leaves viewers eager to see what happens next and builds anticipation for the upcoming episodes. Some viewers may find the episode's tonal shifts jarring, as the series shifts from the subdued mystery of Joshiwara's red-light district to the intense action of the entertainment district. Still, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 17 is a solid entry into the series, establishing a new arc and new characters while maintaining the high-quality animation and storytelling that fans have come to expect.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 17 titled "Never Give Up" began with Tanjiro falling from the roof after the buildings were chopped up. He fell to the ground and passed out, all the while apologizing for not being helpful enough.

Nezuko Kamado appeared to him in a dream, chastising him for constantly apologizing and reminding him that sometimes things don't work out even when people try their hardest.

He woke up to find the entire area on fire and Nezuko still asleep in her box lying behind him. Just as he turned to do what he could, he was left sitting face to face with Gyutaro, who looked surprised that Tanjiro was still alive.

The demon taunted him and told him that everyone else was already dead except him. Gyutaro claimed to have killed Inosuke, Uzui's heart stopped being poisoned, and Zenitsu was trapped under a pile of rubble and left to die.

He repeatedly called Tanjiro pathetic for not being able to protect his sister, rather letting her defend him. Instead of killing him, Gyutaro breaks Tanjiro's fingers and pulls his hair, forcing the young demon slayer to try to kill him.

Tanjiro, frozen in pain, exhaustion, and terror, and knowing that the demon could kill Nezuko and him at any moment, picked Nezuko up and ran away.

Gyutaro and Daki were momentarily stunned by Tanjiro's reaction and burst out laughing as she crushed his spirit. The first followed the protagonist, kicking him into buildings and toying with him like a predator playing with food.

Tanjiro then found the courtesan's perfume pouches on the ground towards Gyutar walking towards him.

The sixth demon told Tanjiro that he seemed pathetic, but he hated him because he liked lousy, ugly things. He even offered to turn him into a demon and threatened to kill Nezuko if he didn't agree.

Delaying and buying time to recover, Tanjiro struck Gyutara in the head and stabbed him with Hinatsuru's poisoned kunai, masking his scent with the perfume he had thrown on the demon earlier. He used wisteria poison to paralyze the demon and cut Hinokami Kaguro's neck.

When Tanjiro heard Daki yelling at his brother, he momentarily put himself in Gyutaro's situation and realized that one wrong move would turn him into a demon. He was convinced that someone from the Demon Slayer Corps would do him a favor and cut off his head.

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After seeing Tengen's unconscious body and severed left arm, Tanjiro freezes in shock and disbelief. Zenitsu warns him of the incoming attack and pushes him off the roof as the obi tears around them. Tanjiro apologizes to everyone for his lack of focus that hurt everyone, including Nezuko.

Tanjiro hits the ground hard and apologizes again for his mistakes. When he passes out, he sees himself back in his home forest with Nezuko in front of him, revealing himself to his transformation. She begs him not to apologize and asks why he keeps doing it. She reminds him that their father died of his illness, but it wasn't his fault. Being human, they can never expect everything to go their way, and she reminds him what's most important right now. She transforms back into her demon form and demands that they fight harder, urging him to stop blaming himself while yelling that she wants him to understand how she feels.

Tanjiro reawakens to witness Yoshiwara District in flames; seeing the destruction, he can't help but wonder if the people who live here are okay. He turns back to see Nezuko and is relieved to see her still asleep. As he reaffirms that he must do what he can, Gyutaro appears in front of him, wondering how he is still alive. The Sixth High Rank mocks him for his luck, seeing it as the only thing he has going for him as Daki watches them contentedly from the rooftops.

Gyutaro says he feels sorry for him as the only survivor and tells him about the fates of his friends: Inosuke lies motionless in a pool of his blood, Zenitsu is trapped under the rubble and tries to escape, taunting Tengen that he is weak and dying. his poison while acting proud. Gyutaro calls them shameful and puts special emphasis on him for carrying a demon on his back, asking who he is.

Terrified, Tanjiro can only wonder why Gyutaro hasn't killed him yet, realizing that he still doesn't have the strength to attack. He gives up his question and tells the demon that Nezuko is his younger sister. Gyutaro laughs at this and says that he is ashamed again for not protecting her. He stuck the kamas into the ground and knelt down to his level and said it was because she was a demon and he was human.

He scornfully pats Tanjiro on the head, saying that his job is to protect her, not be protected. He grabs Tanjiro's hand and sadistically breaks two fingers; as he writhes in pain, Gyutaro laughs at his suffering and demands that he obey him. He viciously grabs Tanjiro's head and repeatedly insults him for being the only disgraced survivor and his weakness, and when he is unarmed, he makes Tanjiro kill him.

Released from his grip, Tanjiro takes Nezuku's box and runs away from him as Gyutaro and Daki look on in shock. The demon laughs at his crushed spirit and chases him down, violently kicking him into the burning house. He escapes before the burning debris can crush him and makes a feeble attempt to escape. Gyutaro approaches him and insults him again for being shameful.

Tanjiro desperately throws sacks and rubble at him, only for the demon to kick him in the stomach, causing him to vomit blood. Gyutaro says that despite his weakness, he doesn't like him because he likes everything shameful, dirty, and wretched. He touches Tanjiro's scar and admires her strange appearance.

Gyutaro suddenly has an idea and believes he should be a demon as well, saying that he will spare Tanjiro if he transforms and threatens to kill Nezuko if he refuses. Daki overhears him and rejects his idea. Tanjiro looks at the sky and claims that he has been waiting for this moment. Hits the top six in the face; Gyutaro mocks him for his feeble attempt to attack, but is unexpectedly unable to stand up. To his horror, he sees Tanjiro stab him with a wisteria kunai at the same time, realizing that Tanjiro had been leading him the whole time, running to find a kunai and throwing courtesans to mask the smell of the wisteria.

Gyutaro witnesses Tanjiro about to strike and curses him for not giving up despite being so injured and weak compared to him. When he uses Hinokami Kagura again, Tanjiro's blade ignites and he plunges his sword into Gyutar's neck. Tanjiro then hears what he initially thought was Nezuko calling out to him, only to realize that it was actually Daki calling out for Gyutaro. He imagines himself in Gyutara's place and wonders what he could be if he didn't stay human with Nezuko. Thinking of himself as a demon, Tanjiro believes that someone from the Demon Slayer Corps should have mercy and kill him.

Struggling in pain, the high rank tries to grab his kama and pull the kunai out as the assassin's sword begins to cut into his throat. Daki sees his brother in danger and sends his obi to kill Tanjiro. Just then, Zenitsu pulls out the debris and destroys the obi. When she saw him again, she angrily sent obi to kill him instead. Zenitsu avoids them and prepares to attack while Daki mentions how she now knows how fast she can attack after seeing it so many times.

Instead, he uses Thunder Breathing, First Form: Thunderclap and Flash, Godspeed. He immediately reaches Daki and catches her neck in the blade. Daki, too stunned to react to his new speed, hears the blade cut into the obi in her neck. Gyutaro pulls out a kunai and immediately recovers, soaking in his blood to pull the sword from his throat.

Tanjiro fends them off, but is brutally attacked by Gyutar, two rushing districts, the former being forced to go on the defensive. As they clash, Gyutaro quickly breaks down the poison and fully recovers. Tanjiro realizes his attacks are speeding up and forces himself to hold on as the demon prepares to stab him in the eye. Before he can touch it, Tengen appears and stops the kama from getting to him before knocking him down with an explosive swing of the blade.

Shocked to see Hashira still alive, he realizes that Tengen forced his heart to stop, temporarily stopping the circulation of the poison. Still able to fight with one hand, Tengen declares to a stunned Tanjiro that he can now use his musical score and that they will win.