Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16

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Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16

 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16, "Deeating an Upper Rank Demon", started off promisingly as Hinatsuru's intervention created a much-needed opportunity for Uzui and Tanjiro, who were both badly injured.

But things got exponentially worse as the episode went on. The pacing and animation of the episode was fantastic as usual and once again ended on a cliffhanger.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16 is a thrilling and emotionally charged episode that lives up to the promises of the previous episodes. The ongoing battle against Daki is the highlight of the episode, the action and animation reaching new heights of intensity and creativity. The episode's focus on Tanjiro and Inosuke's internal struggles adds a new layer of emotional depth to the story, making their victory over Daki all the more satisfying. The attention to detail in the environment and character design continues to be exceptional, with the grotesque appearance of the demon and the vibrant and colorful atmosphere of the Yoshiwara Red Light District adding to the immersion of the story. The pacing of the episode is well balanced, with the action and emotional punches given equal weight and time to resonate. The ending of the episode leaves viewers with a sense of closure while also setting up the future plot of the series. All in all, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16 is an excellent episode that delivers on the series' promises of intense action and emotional depth, making it a must-watch for fans of the series.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16 began with a recap of Hinatsuro's surprise attack on Gyutaro with a poisoned kunai, allowing Uzu to cut off the demon's legs before rushing in with Tanjiro to cut off his head. The opening theme was followed by a flashback to the past where the younger Uzui paid his respects to his family shrine along with Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru.

A flashback showed the mutual love and respect between Uzui and his wives and mentioned his deceased brothers and Uzui's belief that he would one day go to Hell.

The scene shifted back to the battlefield of Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16 where the wisteria poison wore off and Gyutaro instantly regenerated his legs.

Complete with beautiful Ufotable animation, the action sequence began as Gyutaro used his blood demon art to defend against the attack with spinning circular cuts: Flying blood sickles that acted as two vortices surrounding his arms.

Uzui kicked Tanjiro out of reach of the sickles before using Sound Breathing Fourth Form: Constant Reounding Slashes to parry the attacks. But the demon took the opportunity to slip away and take Hinatsura hostage. Seeing his wife in mortal danger caused Uzui to panic, but he was attacked by a constant barrage of Daki's obi and was unable to save her. The intensity of the moment is interrupted by another flashback where Hinatsuru talks about her wish for everyone to live a peaceful normal life after defeating the higher rank demons and fulfilling their duty as demon slayers, even though not all four of them can. alive. In Uzui's presence Tanjira let out a furious scream as he struggled to move with all his injuries. Unable to maintain Hinokami Kagura's stance, Tanjiro mixed with water breathing to cut through Gyutar's wrist, freeing Hinatsu and creating distance between them.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16 shows Tanjiro recalling the fighting style that Urokodaki taught him in Demon Slayer Season 1. Gyutaro rushes forward and pushes him into a defensive stance. Uzui attacks the demon from behind while expressing his deepest gratitude to Tanjiro for saving his wife.

However, Gyutaro prevents his neck from being cut by Uzui and Tanjiro's blade and turns him all the way back to bite into Hashiro's other sword.

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 Gyutaro dodges the barrage of kunais and watches as Tengen goes under his swing and cuts off both of his legs. Struck by a rogue blade laced with wisteria poison, he is ineligible for healing. Tanjiro and Tengen immediately jump at their chance to swing their sharp edges at his neck as Hinatsuru watches from a higher vantage point.

On a recent visit to Tengen's family grave, he and his spouses prayed to God for them. Tengen regrets not being able to drink with them at any point, pouring a purpose on the tombstone and saying that one day they can all drink together. Each of the four shinobi then hopped off for lunch. While eating, Hinatsuru asks if Tengen still has his relatives as his main interest. He replies that not a day goes by that he does not remember them, and it seems that he left his home with his husbands late.

As she, Suma, and Makio stare in amazement at his remark, Tengen asks them to eat as well. Suma raves about the delicious food, so Makio scolds her despite Tengen's words to dive in. As the young ladies eat, Tengen casually mutters that he will push away at some point in the future, causing them to feel a deep sense of shock. He demands his words, but reminds them that they don't have to scold him again. She looks at the tombstone and the cases in which she and her husbands will continue "the most brilliant life imaginable, for the sake of my relatives."

An unexpected storm appears and blows the sakura petals off the trees. Tengen gently removes one of Hinatsuru's head making her blush. When Makio asks for a similar treatment, she is refused and to her horror is told that she put the petals on herself. Hinatsuru demands the petal from him, gently clasping it in his grasp and thanking him profusely. Suma and Makio see this and ask Tengen for the petal; he notes that they can capture one themselves, so they irritably call him monstrous, to Hinatsuro's subtle chuckle.

Hinatsuru looks on as Tanjiro and Tengen approach the top position. Gyutaro drives the kunai from his neck and recovers his legs. Sound Hashira understands that wisteria poison has been killed before. Gyutaro comments that this toxic substance suddenly creeps up and blood flows from his arms. Utilizing Blood Evil's spirit processing, Turning Roundabout Slices: Flying Blood Sickles, he twists sharp edges of blood around his kamas. Tanjiro barely missed the sharp edges and destroyed the sleeve of his uniform; Tengen defends himself with Sound Breathing, Fourth Structure: Consistent Resonating Cuts, quickly spinning his swords and scattering the sharp edges of the blood.

Seeing Gyutaro disappear, he hears Hinatsuru call out to him and sees Daki approaching the obi. As the obi nearly folds over him, Hinatsuru throws a kunai at the scarf and tells Tengen that she will pull them towards her. Just then, Gyutaro appears behind her and puts his hand over her mouth; Tengen tries to save her, but the obi blocks his way and surrounds him. Seeing his better half in danger makes Tengen relive another memory; the moment he was with his husbands in the darkness of the lighted field. Suma looks at the dragonflies overhead and says she might like to be one. Tengen says it's a flashy dream, only for Makio to interrupt their visit and chastise Suma for her eccentricity. As Suma denies her words and tells Makio that she hates her, an amused Tengen and Hinatsuru watch their argument, causing her to subtly laugh.

Hinatsuru gets some information about them living as ordinary individuals after he surpasses the Higher Rank; he adds that since they were raised as shinobi, they actually need to make up for the murders they committed or live with the mourning. She notes that neither of them might be alive the day it comes out, and gently asks him not to take her words too hard.

Remembering her words, Tengen tears the obi indignantly and screams to leave Hinatsuru alone. His pleas startle Tanjiro and he sees Hinatsura in Gyutar's grip. Reluctant to lose one more honorable life, he runs to her himself, regardless of his severe injuries and exhausted state. Tanjiro advises himself to stop being the one to be saved, understanding that Gyutaro sees no danger in him as he is weak and an unexpected attack could save Hinatsuru. She fends off an oncoming obis and notes that she can quickly contact Hinokami Kagura.

When he tries to inhale with this style again, it causes him agony and he notices his depleted stamina. Thinking quickly, he joins Water Breathing and Hinokami Kagura in a tremendous burst of speed, cutting off Gyutar's arm and saving Hinatsuru. Gyutaro is paralyzed by the lightning fast move, but sees an exhausted Tanjiro and admits that he can never repeat the move.

Tanjiro praises the blending of the two styles and the higher attack control compared to typical Water Relaxing. He notes that the best fighters have become perfect after considering and tracking down the style that suits them best. He recalls being instructed by Sakonji Urokodaki to adapt the style to any structure, and while he can never dominate it like Giyu Tomioka, he takes steps not to let the examples go to waste. Gyutaro jumps at Tanjiro and is about to kill him, blocking his blade with his left kama and going after him with his right. Tengen appears out of nowhere and shouts that Tanjiro has his appreciation as he swings his sword at Gyutar's throat.

Elsewhere, Inosuke and Zenitsu are fighting with just the right amount of obis to pay special attention to. Inosuke is shown to be severely irritated that he is also unable to follow them in a straight line, with the obi being too slippery and difficult to cut. Sent high by Daki, he overreacts when he sees Tengen connecting with Gyutar; Zenitsu warns him of an approaching obi and he narrowly avoids it.

Enraged, Inosuke recognizes that they will have to get to Daki and takes off her head as well, and starts charging towards her, sporadically thrashing the obis. In any case, he is forced again and Zenitsu advises him to keep quiet as he actually has to go after him, regardless of Tengen and Tanjiro executing Gyutara, prompting Inosuke to comment on his companion's sudden seriousness.

Tanjiro swings his sword along with Tengen, but the top rank six blocks the blade with his kama, taunting them for accepting that they could guillotine him. The tissue from the kamas attaches to their edges and the two cannot free them. Tengen used his follow-up sharp edge and attempted another guillotine, but Gyutaro twisted his head and clamped it down.

With the two secured, Gyutaro again soaks more blood into another barrage of Turning Roundabout Slices. As Tanjiro and Hinatsuru hold on, Tengen pulls away from them and Gyutaro pulls away from them, sending them to the ground where the cut blood rips and almost hits Tanjiro and Hinatsuru. As Tengen fights the presence of evil alone, they yell at him, but Inosuke suddenly warns them as the obi is currently meeting them. He and Zenitsu fight them while they both plan for a contingency.

When Inosuke is irritated that the obi are forcing them to change strategy, Zenitsu advises them that Daki is even more vulnerable than Gyutaro and they can execute her. Asking if Tanjiro can move anyway is answered when Tanjiro avoids being covered by his Water Relaxing again. Blood fringes flew out of nowhere and nearly hit him, causing Tanjiro to realize that Gyutaro was still effectively tracking him while he was fighting Tengen. Hinatsuru retreats to safety while Daki gleefully notes that their development is currently slower.

Inosuke laments that with Tengen and Tanjiro both seriously injured, it's up to him and Zenitsu; he remembered all their preparations since Kyojura's demise and stated indignantly that it had supported absolutely nothing. Tanjiro lets him know that it would bring incredible speed to knock Daki down and they would have to cut it from different bearings or risk falling.

Watching the obi close around Tanjiro, Inosuke sees that the attack seems to be retreating as well. The revived Inosuke jumps out of sight and redirects all the obi around him. As she shouts that it really depends on her being a double wielder who has a different direction, he declares that the three of them will defeat her. Tanjiro recognizes the arrangement and enlightens Zenitsu, both of them protecting Inosuke from the obis he recognizes. Daki overhears this and declines that adding one more "disgusting peculiarity" would mean they could defeat her. He sends many more obis towards the trio and sends them back. As Tanjiro yells at Inosuke, he tells them not to be late as he is about to lead the attack.

With the obis deflected by his companions and his path freed, Inosuke engages deeply, solidifying his body and using Monster Breathing, Eighth Structure: Unstable Rush. As he rushes towards the evil obi's presence, he is saved from being flanked by Tanjiro and Zenitsu. Charging behind Inosuke, Tanjiro uses Water Breathing, Third Structure: Streaming Dance and leads on, while Zenitsu simultaneously uses Thunder Breathing, First Structure: Thunderbolt and Glimmer, eightfold; together, the two kill each of the obis in Inosuke's path. He continues to charge towards his target and misses the supporting multiple cuts to zero his target.

Unable to hit him, he moves too fast, Daki is forced to watch as Inosuke swings both of his swords at her throat. When she lets him know that it is absolutely impossible for him to guillotine her, Inosuke uses the 6th Tooth: Palisade Chomp, cutting off the chipped sharp edges and executing Daki. When her head falls, Inosuke gets it and runs away to prevent it from reattaching to the body. Just as the obi are chasing him, Tanjiro and Zenitsu fend them off while Inosuke teaches them to help Tengen. As he flies off with Daki's severed head, she asks him to let her go and tries to ravish the Devil Slayer with her hair. He cuts them off and calls her attacks hesitant, which irritates her.

Gyutaro suddenly appears and wounds him from behind in the chest with his kama, all the while retrieving his sister's head. As a stunned Tanjiro watches from a distance, he realizes that Inosuke is currently hurt and injured. Thinking about how Gyutaro figured out how to contact him, he searches for Sound Hashiro and stares at Tengen's severed left arm and limp body in sickening horror.

Too late to even think of a response, Tanjiro hears Zenitsu yelling at him unexpectedly as the area glows brightly. Daki's obi slices into nearby houses while Zenitsu knocks Tanjiro out of the way of the attack. Tanjiro advises his companion to ignore him as he mourns his absence on Wednesday, prompting Inosuke and Tengen to be fatally wounded, telling everyone and Nezuko 'sorry'.