Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14

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Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14 Summary:

In Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14, Tanjiro and his friends continue to fight against the demon Daki in the Yoshiwara Red Light District. However, Daki's ability to control humans proves to be quite a challenge for the demon slayers as they are forced to fight not only the demon but also the humans under her control. Meanwhile, Tanjiro begins to experience strange visions and hears the voice of his late father, leading him to question his own sanity.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14 is a thrilling episode that lives up to the promise of the previous episode's build-up. The fight scenes between the demon slayers and Daki continue to be impressive, with the added element of the demon's ability to control people adding new stakes and tension to the battles. The animation and art continue to be top-notch, with attention to detail in the environments and character designs adding to the immersion of the story. The pacing of the episode is well balanced, the action and emotional beats are given enough time to breathe without feeling rushed. The inclusion of Tanjiro's visions and his questioning of his own sanity adds an interesting layer of character development and foreshadowing that hints at future conflicts and revelations to come. All in all, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14 is an excellent episode that brings out the strengths of the series while introducing new challenges and complexities for our heroes to face.

 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14 English Dub

After recovering his leg, middle and left arm, Nezuko rises from the wreckage. It fills in size, achieving examples of plants in its body and a horn on the right half of its head. He attacks Daki, who naturally cuts her leg and arm once more. Still, he immediately recovers and kicks hard into the upper back position.

Struggling from the effect, Daki tries to understand how she got herself so quickly, acknowledging that past the point of no return, that Nezuko's recovery currently surpasses her own as a new presence of evil descends from her left arm; Nezuko hears her scream and smirks cruelly at Daki's exasperation. While Tanjiro lies and ignores his conflict with Daki, a dream of a grieving Takeo tries to get his sibling to move and say that their sister will no longer be an equivalent, causing the Evil Ghost Slayer to quickly regain consciousness.

Nezuko cuts off Daki's other arm and continues to attack hard. Daki uses her obi to fend off Nezuko, slashing and executing her aggressor. The Upper Position steps back and sends his obi towards the young evil spirit who suddenly stops the attack, even though he is not yet whole, he uses his hardened blood to keep up with the structure and the battle. Unexpectedly, Nezuka's splattered blood lit up and ignited Daki. Recalling a terrible event in her life when she was young, she screams inconsolably as she is boiled alive. Seeing this, Nezuko rejoins the pieces of herself and stares in amusement at Daki's torture.

Nezuko leaps high as her Blood Evil Workmanship presence wraps around and slams her leg down on the devastated and terrified Daki. He knocks her to the ground again and again before kicking her not too far away, chasing the dashing evil with his new speed. Helpless, Daki is forced to watch as Nezuko brutally kicks her once more, driving the vulnerable devil through several houses with incredible force.

As he approaches her, Nezuko unexpectedly smells the blood of a wounded watcher. Her teeth chatter as she tries to fight back the urge as she lets go completely and walks over to the injured young lady. He gives up and pushes forward to kill her when Tanjiro appears in time and uses his case as a gag. Nezuko tries to fight her sibling off, scratching him as he begs her to fight this tendency and apologizes for forcing her to fight. Finding Nezuko's blood scattered all over the area, Tanjiro admits exactly the way she's hurt and desperately asks her to stop and rest to recover.

He falls to the ground and jumps to the top floor of the house with Tanjiro on his back. Tanjiro, still fighting the aggravation from his breathlessness with Hinokami Kagura, begged her to nod. Daki enters the scene, whose recovery is actually made more difficult by Nezuko's fire. With honest lives on the line, Tanjiro is forced to choose between an enlarged Nezuko and a confrontation with the Higher Position.

Just as she uses her obi to go after him, Tengen rushes into the house and cuts them down before they can intervene. Hashira's voice smoothly asks if it's really Nezuko, currently a "shouting evil spirit". The moment Tanjiro asks him for help, Tengen can growl angrily at his new state, regardless of showing his protection from humans in front of Kagaya and Hashira. Daki asks if Tengen is here to fight her, but he just advises her to shut up, stating that she's definitely not a Higher Rank. As she fiercely opposes this, her head suddenly falls off and the Tengen Prior slashes her throat.

As Inosuke and Zenitsu remain alone on the rooftops, the previous tirades neglect to focus on Tengen. Zenitsu uses his hearing to distinguish a distant explosion and runs towards it while Inosuke follows. As Tanjiro stares in horror to see Daki truly headless, Tengen reminds him that the fight is not over and trains him to control Nezuko. When he nonchalantly suggested that he sing her a lullaby, she kicked the floor and brought herself and Tanjira out.

Acknowledging that she is not paying attention to him, he asks his mother for help and thinks. Still getting her under control, Tanjiro sings the children's song their mother used to sing and holds her hand as she fights. Nezuko suddenly finds herself not in Tanjiro's arms, but rather her mother's. Kie sings a children's song and the evil spirit remembers when her family ventured into the mountains.

As they walk up the mountain, Nezuko gets some information about the tune she was singing, innocently wondering if her sibling has red eyes because her mother ate red berries when she was pregnant, and Kie smiles beautifully at her silly question. Nezuko begins to cry and finally controls herself, lowering herself and nodding; an exhausted Tanjiro tells their mother that she is finally sleeping. Tengen, who is about to leave, hears Daki calling out to him, saying that he will pay for his execution.

Tengen disinterestedly tells her that she is of no use to him, and that she would bite the dust with an "ungraceful demise". Daki tries to guarantee that she is indeed a presence of evil at Upper Position, only for Sound to condescendingly ask Hashira why she's holding her head. She tries to vouch once again that she's a Top Six, but Tengen won't buy it.

Insulted, Daki starts crying and whining about being an Upper Six and being awesome. Tengen, unable to accept that she sees the presence of evil as a fit, unexpectedly acknowledges that she did not collapse despite being guillotined. As he rants and pounds the floor in anger, Daki calls out for his "sibling" out of the blue.

Just then, something rises from the stump of her neck and evolves from her body. Tengen speeds forward to deal with the new danger, but the presence of evil disappears before his swords can reach him. The moment Tengen turns around, he stares in abject horror as he sees two evil presences; Daki's sibling quiets her cries and flattens her consumption in a flash.

Tengen attacks the new devil, parrying his blow but sustaining a cut to the head. When they face each other, the devil praises his face, body and muscle structure. The moment she guarantees that Tengen will get a lot of attention from the ladies, she gets caught up in envy and advises him to pass on a horrible death. Daki lets her sibling know that there are more evil slayers, asking him to kill Nezuko, who consumed her, and vouching that she tried to give her everything, but "they all hindered me and harassed me". He calls Daki's damage inexcusable and plans to claim his reward while undermining that Tengen will be spinning around as he kicks the bucket, "In light of the fact that I'm Gyutaro".

Gyutaro throws his Kamas towards Tengen, causing a huge explosion and crushing the house. As Tanjiro watches from below, he sees Kamas boomerang flying back inside and suddenly smells Tengen's blood. To his aid, Inosuke and Zenitsu rise to help. He removes Nezuko and teaches the two to go to the house and help Hashira. After stopping the attack with his edges, Gyutaro sees this and requires some investment to praise Tengen as a "wonderful person", noting that the terrified onlookers near him should accept that he is their savior. Tengen agrees, adding that she even has three husbands.

Enraged, Gyutaro furiously calls this reprehensible and mixes his blood into his Kamas before using the presence of Blood Evil Workmanship: Flying Blood Sickles to hack him to pieces. Tengen breaks the bloody cutting edges like a razor and sends bombs to destroy the evil creatures and destroy the floor. Hashira reaches the base and wishes the ordinary citizens inside to escape. Seeing this, Gyutaro curled his bloody edges and chased after him, forcing Tengen to fight them when they target him.

As he fights, Tengen realizes how strong the relatives are and wonders if the two might bite the dust in the event Gyutaro is guillotined. He filters the house with his hearing using echolocation and feels significantly better when he sees that everyone has escaped. He throws more bombs out of sight and uses his blades to coordinate and initiate them, destroying the house and knocking Inosuke and Zenitsu to the ground.

Upon impact, Tengen jumps up to survey the damage and sees that the obi bundle is safe. Saying that this mission won't be easy, Daki spreads his obi while Gyutaro says, "The thing about us is that we're two individuals in one!".