Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 13

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Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 13 Summary:

In Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 13, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu continue to investigate the Yoshiwara Red Light District with Tengen Uzui. He discovers that the demon responsible for the disappearance is a powerful demon named Daki who has the ability to control people with his blood. Meanwhile, Nezuko, who accompanies them in a box, begins to sense the presence of a powerful demon nearby.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 13 is a strong entry in the series that continues to build on the strength of the previous episode. The introduction of the demon Daki adds new depth and stakes to the mystery of the Yoshiwara Red Light District, as the demon's ability to control people creates new challenges for our heroes to overcome. The animation and art continue to be top notch, with the fight scenes between the demon slayers and Daki being particularly impressive. The pacing of the episode is well balanced, with the mystery of the demon's identity and the build-up to the fight, there's plenty of time to breathe without feeling rushed. Nezuko's inclusion in the episode adds another layer of tension as her sensing the presence of a powerful demon hints at future conflicts to come. All in all, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 13 is a thrilling episode that continues to build on the strengths of the series while introducing new challenges and mysteries for our heroes to overcome.

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Facing Daki herself, Tanjiro uses Hinokami Kagura: Seething Sun to cut off her impending obis. He charges towards her and dodges her frontal attack with Counterfeit Rainbow before engaging Fire Wheel which tries to cut her throat. Daki sees the attack coming and blasts it away, sending it flying into the ground. He barely avoids being destroyed by Upper Position with Regenerative Breathing, due to the weakness of using multiple Hinokami Kagura structures. At that moment, she sent many blows with her obis, forcing Tanjiro to the edge.

Daki approaches Tanjiro who is trying to recover and catch his breath again. Furious, she considered him a "terrible piece of trash" and sent her obi tearing across the area, prompting Tanjiro to shield her attacks once more. Daki jumps high and two obi bands connect with her out of nowhere, awesome. From the cave, the cut out obi begin to get away from the opening created by Tengen's sonic breathing and fly very high, rejoining Daki.

He wonders if it's the obi he cut off recently and watches as she holds it in her body as he tries to release it. He swings at the presence of evil, but Daki immediately vaporizes. She returns to the rooftops and shouts that she was right that Hashira must have appeared there as her hair turns white. She declares that Muzan will be happy with her for the time being. Tanjiro is amazed at her change, noting that she has evolved significantly more remarkable, as well as pondering Tengen and the organization's whereabouts.

The man then confronts Tanjiro at that moment for being a disturbing influence on his Home. Tanjiro becomes worried when the common people notice the fight between him and Daki. He asks the geisha to leave his area as they all follow instructions, letting them know that fighting is not allowed and yelling for them to leave immediately. Daki's orders irritate the man and he plans to fight back. Tanjiro sees this and powers the man back to prevent him from entering the path of the attack and yells for everyone to return to their homes.

Suddenly, Daki's obi cuts deep into the region, destroying structures, slicing the land, and cutting down common people. Tanjiro is too delayed to even consider a reaction and is cut somewhere down the shoulder, while the man himself loses his hand when the obi cuts it off. A wounded Tanjiro can watch in sick fear as the entire road crumbles to rubble, and the onlookers are stunned by the mangled collections of honest people's lives.

Complied, Daki starts to leave, but Tanjiro calls for her to come back and face him. Exasperated, she asks why he has to keep defying her, saying that the horrible have no right to live, and advises him to bite the dust and decay with them. The survivors struggle to make sense of the carnage before them, crying as they hold their dead friends and family and pull the corpses freed from the garbage. The man calls plaintively, asking everyone to come back inside.

Daki's humiliation struck a nerve with Tanjira, his eyes becoming shaky and causing him to rage with extreme fury.

A few days before, Shinjuro Rengoku had written a letter addressed to Tanjiro, saying "I'm sorry" for his mistakes and thanking him for mourning Kyojuro's death. He regrets the way they originally met, and right now it's much better to add that Senjuro. He realizes that his own incompetence was only the beginning of his downward spiral, as the departure of his better half, the Hand, caused him much more anguish. From that moment on he got drunk to the point of stupor and guarantees that he is no bigger fool than he is. As far as he's concerned, Kyojuro is a cool kid that he doesn't like at all: he noticed that while he was abandoned in preparation, Kyojuro was more likely to turn into Hashiru, despite only 3 episodes of Fire Relaxing. Shinjuro comments that he seemed to have more Ruka blood than his own and that Kyojuro and Senjuro are good young men. He then adds that Tanjiro himself is considerably larger than a Sun Breathing client should be, noting the imprint on his head and that Sun Breathing clients are brought into the world with such an imprint.

Tanjiro denies Shinjuro's words about his imprint as his scar is from protecting his sibling from an accident and physical problem during Definite Choice. He understands that his father was certainly brought into the world with an imprint on his head, but when all is said and done, he is not one of the trivial ones. Seeing the torment and decimation around him, Tanjiro mutters that no matter the odds, there are minutes when he cannot retreat because the world has people who need human hearts and who kill mercilessly; Tanjiro will not allow such oppression to exist and plans an attack.

As Daki runs away, Tanjiro jumps out of sight and grabs her leg to stop her from leaving. He tries to take her head off but Daki dodges the swing but figures out how to rip her leg off. He angrily confronts her about the lives lost and says he will never come back. As she recovers, Tanjiro demands an answer as to why they, the evil spirits, kill much weaker people. Out of the blue, Daki hears these unequivocal words and sees a dream. Rather than Tanjiro, another person appears, indignantly asking what they've tracked down about taking lives in an engaging and entertaining way. She understands that the memories are not her own, but Muzan's, due to the memories of his cells within her.

Back in the cave, Makio and Suma tend to the careless victims while Tengen considers the best course of action. Inosuke immediately gets some information on what to do since the obi they were fighting recently escaped. Tengen furiously asks him to shut up as they have effectively saved everyone caught and advises Inosuke to love and celebrate him. Makio teaches Tengen to strive for the obi or there could be further destruction, with Suma adding that they will be fine. Tengen then scoops Inosuke and Zenitsu into his arms before jumping out of the hold and asking them to follow him. The three of them stumble onto the rooftops with Tengen driving. Before long, he is excessively fast and charging forward while Inosuke and Zenitsu quickly fall behind Sound Hashira.

Seeing the evil spirit slayer's angry look, Daki asks what is at the forefront of Tanjiro's mind, to which he replies that she too was once human and cried in agony and withering. To this, she vociferously claims that she was unable to recall her human memories. Because evil spirits don't age and don't need cash to eat, they don't get sick and move on, and the devils might as well go for it. He angrily announces that evil beings can do whatever they want. Tanjiro discreetly acknowledges her words and quickly approaches her.

He quickly uses his Blood Devil Craftsmanship: Eight Layered Obi Cut, ready to cut Tanjiro to pieces. Daki gleefully comments that Tanjiro will bite the dust since her obi is coiled and layered without leaking, and when she's whole with her full obi again, she's much faster than before. Unexpectedly, Tanjiro uses Hinokami Kagura: Consuming Bones, Summer Sun and slashes a blazing twist into the oncoming wave. She screeches in agony as she feels like she's eating away at the cut, then admits in that moment that she can't recover that quickly, but realizes that with the deep wounds, Tanjiro's wild body would crack regularly.

Daki thinks about how he had the opportunity to cut her in the first place. Out of nowhere, she begins to shake in terror, but acknowledges that it's not Muzan she's afraid of yet. Daki tries to overpower him once more, but Tanjiro is currently ready to quickly slice and consume her obis. She jumps out of sight into another house, but Tanjiro chases her down and is captured by an approaching obi. He comes down and charges towards the Upper Six, before slitting her throat. As her head clearly falls off, she mocks him for accepting that he executed her with her head uncovered, still connected to her body by a scarf. Tanjiro sees that when the band was soft, it dulled his cut.

Daki plans to stop him from bypassing and develop another obi. He admits that avoiding them would cause more destruction, but is amazed at how slow they seem to be. He repels the obi effectively and figures out how to cut them apart at the same time they cluster into one bearing.

He nails them and freezes as Daki taunts him that he agrees to cut them up before taking command. Tanjiro suddenly leaps high and frees them, before disembowelling the scarves before she can control them in time, and advances towards Daki, who is currently too delayed to even think about reacting to his colossal speed. As his sword nearly cuts into her throat, a dream of Hanako appears and she desperately pleads for him to release.

Before his sharp edge can connect, Tanjiro falls before Daki in distress, struggling to break free. Daki has some space to mock him for being human, saying that they usually fight, make a valiant effort, and feel frustrated by him. His dreams begin to darken and he is unable to see almost anything in front of him.

As Daki is about to decapitate the defenseless Tanjiro, someone violently rips off her head and her body is thrown into the area. Nezuko appears, angry at the attempt on her sibling's life. Tanjiro cuts the blood and his deep twisted shoulder begins to flow again. Memories of her family leaving cloud Nezuka's psyche and further upset her. Daki gets upset when Nezuko destroys her head and acknowledges that she is who Muzan filled her into.

She reviews when Muzan visited her in Yoshiwara. As she lies smoothly on his lap, he specifies that the devil got away from him, like Tamayo. She is raised by Muzan to find and kill the presence of evil, portraying her as a young lady dressed in a kimono with leaves and a checkered sash. In the long run, Tanjiro implodes from exhaustion. Nezuko plans to fight her rival while Daki responds to Muzan's wishes to torture her to death.

Nezuko lunges forward and tries to kick her once more. Daki guesses this and uses her obi to cut off her right leg and left arm before slicing it deep in the middle and flying into the house. Arriving in front of the trash, she mocks Nezuko's poor recovery, accurately admitting that she hasn't killed any people. Rather, he declares that he will stop bothering her because they are both the devil, they want to keep her in their obi and pass her in the sun to kick the bucket. Nezuko rises from the wreckage with her other leg and dazzles Daki to see that her midsection is also completely repaired.

As he watches her arm recover in a split second, he understands that Nezuko is recovering to the top position. Nezuko chews through her bamboo gag, bracing herself for the fight to come. Plants appear throughout her body as examples, and a horn forms on her head. Nezuko goes to confront the Upper Six, fully emerging as an evil spirit in the present; Daki feels the fear of his new appearance, while the quality of the fight develops unexpectedly.

As a careless Tanjiro lies on the roof, he hears Takeo's voice. Takeo comments that he and Nezuko are both comparable as they are both fragile but can be terrifying when enraged. He reviews when Nezuko confronted the unpleasant looking person for knocking the young man down and demands that he apologize directly to him and how shocking it was. He adds that individuals who lash out for others will quite often ignore their own well-being, and that they may lose something valuable as a result.

Nezuko rushes towards Daki and tries to kick her once more. Daki taunts her that she only has the option to kick and cuts off her leg and arm. Just then he comes back quickly and she throws her leg at Daki and slams her body into the ground. As Daki staggers in shock and anguish at the aftermath, Nezuko glares at her menacingly.