Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12

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Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12 Summary:

 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12 Summary:

In Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12, Tanjiro and his friends arrive at their next destination, the Yoshiwara Red Light District, in search of their next target. There, he encounters a mysterious woman named Tengen Uzui, who is also a demon slayer and Sound Hashira. Tengen enlists Tanjiro and his friends to help him investigate a series of disappearances in the neighborhood that he believes may be demon-related.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12 introduces a new arc and new characters while continuing to build the world and lore of the series. The introduction of Tengen Uzui and the Yoshiwara Red Light District adds new depth to the series and sets up an interesting mystery for our heroes to solve. The animation and art continue to be top-notch, with attention to detail in the environments and character designs adding to the immersion of the story. The pacing of the episode is well balanced, the introduction of new characters and plot points feels natural and not rushed. However, some viewers may find the tonal shifts of the episode off-putting as the series shifts from the intense action of the Mugen Train arc to the more muted mystery of the Yoshiwara Red Light District. However, the cliffhanger ending of the episode leaves viewers eager to see what happens next and builds anticipation for the upcoming episodes. Overall, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12 is a solid entry in the series that sets up a new arc and new characters while maintaining the high-quality animation and storytelling that fans have come to expect.

 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 12

Tengen stumbles into the Kirimise section of Yoshiwara. He quickly spots his oblivious wife Hinatsura, actually restrained by the devil's bands. She removes them and gives Hinatsu a medicine to help her recover because she feels sorry. She expresses that she thought Warabihime was an evil presence, but soon began to doubt her as well. She relished the poison request to take off from the Kyogoku house, only for the belt Warabihime gave her to prevent her from reaching Tengen.

He discreetly asks Hinatsu to leave her and fight the presence of evil when he heard the fight. The moment he asks if she'll be okay, Hinatsuru quietly replies before apologizing that he's up to no good. Tengen calms her down and instructs her to leave Yoshiwara once the antitoxin works, to which Hinatsuru goes.

He jumps over the roofs of houses to catch the evil spirit; he hears something and locates the situation, approaches the ground and identifies the underground struggle. He releases his blade and uses Sound Breathing, First Structure: Thunder, causing a huge explosion. Daki hears a shock wave. Annoyed by another impedance, she asks Tanjiro for the number that is there, to which he does not answer.

He offers to save his life provided he answers, noting that their brief conflict previously damaged his Nichirin Sword. When he hears her fake Haganezuki craft, he dismisses her cases and declares her to be overwhelming. Another explosion shakes the region, causing Daki to become even more irritated and declare that he'd rather kill him. Acknowledging that inferior use causes damage to the swords, Tanjiro admits that his body is not suitable for water breathing and acknowledges that he is essentially more grounded with Hinokami Kagura.

He reviews the picture of the preparation in the Butterfly Castle. As Inosuke fights Zenitsu, Zenitsu asks if there is any way he can suppress his ferocity, to which Inosuke states that keeping down isn't the real way to prepare. Suddenly, he hears Tanjiro trying to get ready with Hinokami Kagura. However, he effectively plays a Structure 4Dance, swinging again and trying to Clear Blue Sky will hurt him immensely, drop his blade and collapse. As his companions rush to his guide, Tanjiro mutters internally that he cannot continuously slash due to his sheer strength.

He is currently facing Daki and vows to take advantage. Remember Kyojuro's words to "fire your heart". Tanjiro swings at Daki's incoming obi and performs Hinokami Kagura: Seething Sun. She is concerned about the sudden change and understands that his abilities have recently improved. Tanjiro charges towards the Upper Stance and uses Fire Dance, narrowly missing her neck. Daki fights back by slitting her obi's throat, only for the Presence of Evil Slayer to disappear out of nowhere. He forgets about him because he used Hinokami Kagura: False Rainbow. He detects the starting chain around her neck and uses Hinokami Kagura: Fire Wheel; Daki reacts in time to blast him with her obi.

Out of nowhere, his body feels tired from using Hinokami Kagura's various structures and Tanjiro's breakdown. Seeing him on the ground, Daki lunged at him and pulled out her obi to destroy him. Quickly uses recuperative breathing, developing strength to parry an attack and escape. She sends numerous obi at him and he frantically blocks the strikes, understanding that the stunning attacks prevent him from hitting perfectly. He figures that she really wants to raise her internal heat level and takes it Hinokami Kagura style.

Kiyo has already been stressed about his climbing temperature and he really thinks that counseling Shinobu is the right course of action. Tanjiro tries to calm her down, saying that she is fine. Kiyo noticed that his temperature was 100.4° Fahrenheit, as it had been for two days. He begins to cry and claims that since something should be outside the base, Shinobu is the one who can help him. Realizing his ravaging condition worries Kiyo, Tanjiro states that it is when he has a fever that he performs at his best and pleads with her not to tell Shinobu for a little longer. Kiyo relents and allows him to keep the fever down.

Tanjiro steps back and realizes that his inner heat level is undoubtedly rising, giving him the inspiration to use his Hinokami Kagura again.

At Ogimito's house, a young lady screams about the beast inside, to the confusion of her friends. Just then, Inosuke pops out from the floorboards and scares them. He breaks through a hole in the floor and sees arson going underground, but it's not enough for his head.

Unfazed, he separates the joints in his body and crawls down the hall until he arrives at a chamber covered in bones and clothed in an obi; bands featuring Daki's victims. He understands that the individuals inside them are still alive before discovering Zenitsu's image on one of them. Only they, the conscious obi, stand up for him to enter the chamber. He attacks Inosuke and forces him to watch for incoming blows.

It slices the obi and unwittingly frees the individual within them. Obi, unable to control his dangerously sharp instincts and sharp detections, stops short and tries to suggest something. Hearing Daki's voice, he trains him to catch him because of his looks, adding that he could kill anyone but the ten most beautiful individuals. Obi rushes towards Inosuke, who swings his blades to cut him. It twists surprisingly when its blades touch, preventing much contact. He tries once again to use Monster Breathing, Structure 6: Palisade Chomp, but neglects it. Obi decides to retrieve the individuals he freed, which makes him realize that he truly wants to fight him while protecting his victims.

Unexpectedly, blades fly out behind him, stopping the scarves Makio and Suma were throwing. The two cut their scarves, but the fight was somewhat slowed by Suma's weakness, and Makio lashed out at her in exasperation. Realizing that the primary body of the evil presence is not close, Inosuke understands that the fight is unlikely to end. To his shock, Zenitsu appears and uses Thunder Breathing, First Structure: Thunderbolt and Glimmer, Sixfold, quickly moving around the chamber and instantly cutting the various scarves.

Irritated by the presence of another Devil Slayer, Obi recalls hearing two unmistakable commotions, one of which was Zenitsu's attack. He understands that beyond the point of no return, that the subsequent sound is from a higher place, as an explosion is thrown from the highest point of the chamber's roof. To the aid of everyone inside, Tengen rises from the residual cloud and flows around the chamber, quickly cutting through any remaining scarves. Tengen apologizes to his husbands for being late and talks about how relieved he is to see them. Makio assesses that Tengen was no longer what she is now and remembers her past.

As a kunoichi among other shinobi, kicking the bucket never scared her because she expected to be killed and was ready to give her life in battle. The moment Tengen first met the three of them, he immediately taught them to think about their lives, shocking the young ladies. Most importantly, they need to get back to him. For Tengen, how they should go about their lives is firstly about them, secondly about being respectful residents, and thirdly, they will focus on him.

Furthermore, for himself, as much as he knows he will protect the general population as a slayer of evil, he considers the three of them more important. Unable to accept what he is talking about, Makio talks to Hinatsuru about his recommendation, if it might concern her, it goes against their profession. Hinatsuru comforts her that provided Tengen is happy with it, so is she.

Tengen methodizes them and vigorously taps their heads, praising their work as "ostentatious" and rejoicing that "you're my husbands, OK." Makio destroys and Suma moans violently after acknowledging that Tengen loves them. He flamboyantly turns his swords in a display case of expertise and declares, "From now on, things are going to be really flamboyant!".