Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 10

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 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 10 Summary:

In Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 10, Tanjiro, Nezuko and their allies continue to fight the demon aboard the Mugen Train. The demon reveals his ability to control the dreams of his victims, making him a formidable opponent. Meanwhile, Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku takes on the demon in a one-on-one battle, showing off his incredible strength and skills.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 10 is a thrilling and action-packed episode that lives up to the promises made in the previous episode. The battle aboard the Mugen Train is intense and thrilling, and the demon's ability to control dreams adds another layer of danger to our heroes. The animation and art continue to be top notch, with the fight scenes well choreographed and visually stunning. The episode's focus on Kyojuro Rengoku adds depth to his character and shows his determination and bravery in the face of danger. However, some viewers may find the pacing of the episode a little uneven, as the fight scenes can be a little drawn out at times. However, the episode's climactic ending and emotional conclusion make for a satisfying viewing experience. Overall, Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 10 is a strong entry in the series that showcases the strength of its characters and the exciting action that the series is known for. 

 In the Edo period, at a massage parlor in Yoshiwara, an attendant confronts Oirana while she is putting on cosmetics and charges her with various disappearances in the house. The specialist walks into the room and closes the entrance, only for the whore to leave minutes after the orderly suddenly vaporizes. At the Ogimoto house, the trapped Makio is addressed to whom the letters are addressed to, the evil spirit calling her by name. Inosuke detects something and investigates. At the Kyogoku house, Zenitsu reflects that he hasn't heard a word from Hinatsuru since he entered the house, regardless of staying alert. Additionally, the homeowner's new demise hampers his main goal as everyone is quiet and worried.

He decides to try again, sharpens his hearing and recognizes different voices around the house. Unexpectedly, he hears someone crying and explains that it is a small child. At the Ogimoto house, an evil spirit identifies someone approaching and becomes irritated by the hustle and bustle of the house. Makio tries to think of a method to illuminate Tengen, but the bands of the evil presence quickly twist and tightly suffocate her center. The evil spirit will take steps to crush her organs if it's a good idea for her to cause a disturbance.

Inosuke looks around the common room with the food left out for Makio and feels an eerie energy emanating from it as he thinks about the arrangement. Suddenly, he mutters that sitting and being inactive guesses that it is not his identity and jumps into Makio's room. After seeing it, he is amazed at its ruined and disheveled appearance, with papers and pads torn and cut marks across the walls. He sees the trash floating around, even though the windows are closed and no wind is coming in, at which point he throws the bowl with his shoulder on the floor and screams furiously that it's an evil spirit.

The roof begins to shake and the evil presence leaves the room, with Inosuke walking through the halls in pursuit. He smashes through numerous walls and tries to follow them, each time he hits a client that gets in his way, leaving a huge hole in the wall. Using his Monster Breathing, Structure Seven: Spatial Awareness, he detects the presence of evil escaping from the ground floor and rushing to the bottom of the house. When the kimono hampers his detection, he forgets about it and furiously says that his breaking was the result of his individual behavior.

At Kyogoku Zenitsu's house, he walks into a room he finds a small child crying inside. Stunned by his obliterated appearance, he angrily questions the young lady, asking if she was in battle. The shaken little child cries even more so Zenitsu shuts up and asks if she's okay. He subtly tells her that he's not mad, he's just asking if she's in a difficult situation. All unexpected, she discovers an evil spirit behind her, the devil furiously asks what she is doing in her room. Frightened, he sees that it may have appeared that when she began addressing him, accepting a devil might be a Higher Position. Revealed to be Oiran Warabihime of Kyogoku House, the evil presence is told to the two young children that "Zenko" appeared two days ago. Warabihime ignores their words, scaring the young ladies.

Zenitsu apologizes for interfering, but Warabihime just mocks him for "her" terrible looks and yellow hair. He moves to the small child who is supposed to be cleaning the room, and then cruelly grabs her ear at that moment, missing her screams of agony. The lady cries and says she will clean up and asks for absolution because her ear is starting to drain. In a split second, Zenitsu grabs Warabihime's arm and asks her to stop. At Tokito House, Tanjiro is still quick and constantly taking care of tasks. The lady of the house cripples his belief that she should be running errands because he has run out of errands to do. At the Ogimoto house, the guard lady and two orderlies witness a monster created by Inosuke recently open up in the wall. She decides to defy "Inoko" for the debasement, only to be stunned to see Inosuke, centered and with his feet above his head, attempting to reveal the presence of evil.

Zenitsu repeats his words and asks Warabihime to let the little child go. Angered, she leaves her and yanks her hand out of Zenitsu's grasp. Out of nowhere, she swings her clenched hand back and smacks him in the face. Two days before the mission to Yoshiwara, the owner of the Kyogoku house, Omitsu, defies Warabihime and demands that she stop hurting the young ladies, commit Ashinuke, and even end it all by harassing them to death. Warabihime seems uninformed about the accusations and asks if she thought young ladies shouldn't tease her, then it helps her most to remember that the house gain was through her as Oiran.

Omitsu relays a story a more experienced lady told her in her youth about specific Oirans, incredibly beautiful but undeniably curvy. The lady had seen such Oirans when she was young, and at another time when she was middle-aged; The Oirans had "home" at the end of their name and cocked their heads to the side and glared, thinking they were being teased. Seeing Warabihime do exactly that, Omitsu, equipped with a blade, indignantly looks at her for what she is and in case she is even human.

Warabihime immediately grabs her in his belts and lifts her up into the sky. He dangles the defenseless lady above the ground and jokingly tells her that she should have stayed still once she found out. Currently unconcealed, her eyes reveal her true way of life as a top position six twelve Kizuki. She tells her not to worry, as she loathes the taste of old, horrible, or messy individuals, before brutally throwing Omitsu underneath her.

As the individuals on their way stumble upon her body, Warabihime returns to her room only to see Muzan Kibutsuji inside. She cares for him as a Muzan expert, bowing before him and he compliments her on eating different individuals and gaining strength. Muzan encourages her to remain cautious as she becomes more and more grounded, as any talented demon slayer can quickly tell a devil from a human. Muzan calls her by her evil name of Daki and praises her for her excellence and strength as she recently killed seven Hashirs before telling her that she is an unusual devil.

Zenitsu is thrown through several walls and unresponsive, Daki furiously requests that she not be contacted. The master of the house appears, quietly asking her to excuse Zenka, and advises her that clients will appear in the house before long. Daki grimaces, calmly stating that she may have been too cold-blooded, and asks for her injuries to be treated. She tells the expert that she should apologize because she was worried. The expert quickly demands that the wreck be cleaned up and that nothing be done to disappoint "Warabihime".

Daki understands that the disaster didn't hurt Zenitsu hard, and he comes to the edge in a short time, concluding that he is a slayer of evil spirits, but not Hashiro. As she puts on her makeup, she mutters to herself that "you've successfully got him" and declares that she would happily gobble them all down. Tanjiro, who is actually finishing up errands, suddenly recognizes a dirty smell in the air, an aroma that just appeared around evening.

Zenitsu wakes up to see the three young children of a happy "Zenko" who is now conscious. They let him know that he had been punched and that he was not paying attention, offering him food and a towel in return for his face print. The young lady he was protecting hears the agony in his voice as he takes care of his physical problem and unfortunately lets him know that he got tormented for protecting her from Warabihime.

Zenitsu brushes off her words, telling her "Any man would save a damsel in distress. That's guaranteed", but she copies his words and lets them know that she's the oldest girl and can't stand when the younger lady is crying. The ladies show him kindness and lay him to rest. As he discreetly respects their thoughtful mentality without anyone else's help, Daki suddenly kidnaps him.