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Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 1 Summary:

 Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku is enjoying a meal at a soba shop when another member of the Demon Corps joins him. He congratulates Flame Hashiro for his great work last night, but the enemy is still on the loose.

The store owner tells them that business wasn't exactly good because of a killer on the loose. The night before there was an attack on a conductor with several suspicious incidents on the train. Kyojuro goes to the station to investigate. He asks the bento vendors at the station if there was an incident with a demon recently.

The merchant denies it, but they've heard of a Ripper murdering at night. Kyojuro buys all their bento boxes and assures them that he will take care of the Rippers. He gives the extra boxes to his junior and prepares to board the train.

Shopkeepers are closing up and heading home, sensing danger in the air.

The conductor finds Kyojuro alone on the train. She tells him she's heading to the garage. Kyojuro wants to go there to find the Mugen train, but the conductor tells him that it has been moved for maintenance.

Kyojuro then jumps off the train into the maintenance facility. He tells the maintenance men that he is there to deliver a bento from the railroad janitors. He learns that the train was forced to retire due to its haunted reputation, but should be back in service after maintenance.

With the Mugen Train out of the way, it's time to finally begin the latest Demon Slayer arc with Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 1. Let's see how the first part of the Entertainment District Arc fared in this review!

One of the most popular anime right now, Demon Slayer, is back on our screens with the Entertainment District Arc. The latest series follows the 7-episode retelling of the Mugen Train Movie, which you can read all about here. The arc follows Tanjirou, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, aided by the Sound of Hashira Tengen Uzui. They travel to the red light district of Yoshiwara to hunt down a demon terrorizing the city.

Ufotable is the studio behind the Demon Slayer anime adaptation, and Haruo Sotozaki will direct the series. It should be noted that the first episode will be a double feature, followed by standard episodes in the future. You can read our review of the Mugen Train movie while you're at it, or our review of the final episode of the Mugen Train arc if you'd like. The episode is also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba Yuukaku-hen Episode 1 in the original Japanese.

After 6 episodes of digging around the ashes of a hit movie, I can't describe how excited I am to see new episodes in the Demon Slayer saga. Audiences have waited almost three years since the release of the first season and about a year since the release of the movie to find out the aftermath of Kyojuro Rengoku's death. It was a moment for the ages, and people had reason to believe that the sequel could be one of the show's biggest arcs.

So did the first new outing for Demon Slayer in a long time work? Definitely, very much so. Since this was a double episode, we'll have to talk about the two halves separately to give a sense of pacing, and I'll try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible so I don't spoil the experience for you if you haven't. I haven't seen the episode yet. There might be a few misstatements here and there to make the summary make sense, but nothing major.

 Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 1 English

Ridiculously late, a guide strolls around the carriage of a moving train. As he guarantees it is unfilled, the lights glimmer; he turns and sees an obvious evil spirit concealing in the shadows. As he endeavors to escape, he is quickly killed and his body is found later.

An Evil presence Slayer enters a soba shop, directed by a Kasugai Crow. He enters and sees the Fire Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, partaking in a bowl. Saying 'sorry' for intruding on his feast, Kyojuro offers a seat and requests that the cook give him a bowl too. The two examine an occurrence the previous evening, where they found a harmed lady, went after by a devil however presently recuperating in emergency clinic.

Kyojuro asks the culinary expert on how business is, to which the gourmet specialist answers everyone is hesitant to be outside into the evening, with expression of a Slasher going around, driving him to let off his laborers. He adds the insight about the Mugen Train being put unavailable, after 40 of its travelers had strangely vanished. The Devil Slayer illuminates the Hashira where the Mugen train has been found and they leave to examine.

In a train station, a little kid, Fuku, battles to feel much improved after nobody gets her bento boxes, because of the spot being totally vacant. Her grandma attempts to encourage her by guaranteeing she can sell rather during the evening, as evil presences just wander around evening time. The Evil spirit Slayer and Kyojuro search around the station yet see as the same old thing. All things considered, they witness Fuku peevishly deter her grandma's recommendation about evil presences, asserting they don't exist. Kyojuro approaches her and gruffly guarantees he is searching for an evil spirit, to the shock of the going with Devil Slayer.

Fuku furiously guarantees there is no evil presence, heaving her bean bun at Kyojuro and smacking him in the face. She before long apologizes and states she feels so tense with the insight about the Slasher influencing everybody. Kyojuro encourages them to proceed with business and cases he will manage the Slasher. Fuku attempts to sell him some bento boxes, to which he energetically choose to get them all. He gives some to the Evil presence Slayer, advising him to get back to the base camp and guaranteeing they will make incredible gifts for the Devil Slayer Corps.

Kyojuro sheets a train with a carton of bentos and is stumbled upon by an irritated guide. He professes to be a bento merchant and is searching for the Mugen train's shed, accepting the train he is on will take him there. The guide remedies him by expressing the Mugen train's upkeep office is truth be told a fair way somewhere far off. The Fire Hashira says thanks to him and states here he will land, prior to jumping off the train and running towards the office. He enters and sees the train being fixed, prior to detecting the weak fragrance of an evil spirit waiting on it.

A specialist inquires as to why he is intruding onto the office, to which Kyojuro states he was shipped off give food to the laborers. As he passes the cases around and the specialists eat, Kyojuro inquires as to why the Mugen Train is here, where he is informed the train is professed to be a "man-eating train". Nonetheless, the specialist illuminates him the train is really scheduled to be returned to support after the fixes are made, concerning him.

Unexpectedly, somebody shouts, driving Kyojuro right into it as he researches what has occurred. He sees the obvious evil spirit, holding a young man, Tatsu, in his grasp and driving his hooks in. The specialists follow and are alarmed seeing the devil gripping their companion. The devil knaves, prior to trampling a dropped bento box and guaranteeing human food is unpleasant to him. As the Hashira go up against him for stepping on it, the evil spirit dives into the kid's tissue further and answers that he just eats up people that "appear to be delectable" and hurts the individuals who he see as nauseating. Out of nowhere, his markings shine, and he speeds around Kyojuro and attempts to spur him into going after. The scene powers different specialists to escape in dread while Kyojuro perseveres.

The evil presence claims he is the quickest and insults him, asserting he can't kill him without harming the kid. He likewise specifies that the previous evening, he had cut a lady till he became exhausted, causing Kyojuro to acknowledge it was he who had harmed the lady he had found. He praises the devil for his speed yet cautions him to be get presumptuous, adding the lady was as a matter of fact saved still up in the air to mend without enduring injuries. All things being equal, the evil spirit conclude he will presently kill the sellers who gave him the bento confines spot of the lady. Before then, he chooses to kill the little fellow, however Kyojuro surges forward and cuts off the two his mind, saving him. The evil spirit withdraws and remains outside the shed, prior to smelling the probable station the sellers are at and speeding forward to kill them.

Kyojuro treats the kid's injuries prior to quieting the concerned specialists by expressing his companions will show up, to which more Devil Slayers show up to help him. In the interim, Fuku and her grandma have shown up at the station and Fuku is starts settling in. The devil shows up soon after and smells them close by. Kyojuro passes on the rest to them and follows the train tracks, utilizing Absolute Focus Breathing to speed up him to, not entirely set in stone to stop the evil spirit and save them.

The evil presence tracks down Fuku and pushes ahead to kill her, however is hit by a bento box tossed by her grandma. With the evil presence immediately disturbed by the smell, Fuku endeavors to escape outside however is immediately gotten, the devil violently snatching the little kid's throat. Before he can kill her, Kyojuro shows up and cuts the evil spirit's fatal flaw, saving Fuku. Shocked by what she had recently seen, she understands her grandma is currently alone. The devil goes up against her for tossing the bento box however is rather greeted by Kyojuro. Considering how he had up to speed to him so rapidly, the Hashira rehashes his words about not getting arrogant.

The devil difficulties him on who is quicker; whether he can kill Fuku's grandma first or Kyojuro beheads him previously. To this, Kyojuro claims he is slow and he immediately surges forward, executing the evil presence with the Fire Breathing, First Structure: Unconscious Fire.

Subsequent to beheading the evil presence, Kyojuro plays out a course of Chiburi, sliding the devil's blood off the sharp edge of his Nichirin Blade, hauling the dull finish of the kissaki toward the koiguchi of the casing and sheathing the sword through Nōtō. His activities out of nowhere reminds Fuku's grandma about an occurrence a long time back; she, at the end of the day, was safeguarded from an evil spirit by the past Fire Hashira. She was saved, alongside her little girl, Fuku's mom, and is before long headed to tears in the wake of seeing Kyojuro's haori and seeing him sheath his sharp edge similarly her past rescuer had.

She mournfully specifies this to him, to which he answers that it was probably his dad who saved her. He is just emulating his example to save individuals from evil spirits. Fuku apologizes to her grandma for not trusting in evil presences, to which Kyojuro chuckles and answers that not accepting they exist is to improve things. Other Devil Slayers show up at the scene, to which Kyojuro illuminates them the evil presence has been managed.

He adds that the Mugen Train is being fixed this evening and will be back in assistance the following day. At the point when his buddy asserts what is happening is presently finished, the Hashira lets him know the Mugen Train had 40 individuals disappear, and the evil spirit likely dependable isn't the one he had quite recently killed. He accepts the train is holding onto an undeniably more remarkable evil spirit. The sun ascends to another day and individuals presently swarm the roads; the soba culinary expert hears news the Mugen Train is back in assistance, trusting nothing odd reoccurs.

As the sun sets, Kyojuro sheets the Mugen Train for his examination, yet not prior to meeting Fuku and her grandma once more. They offer him hamburger bento confines appreciation for saving them; he cheerfully takes them, as they are not the one he attempted previously. He takes her whole inventory and they wish him best of luck on his central goal.

As the train plans for flight, Fuku sells some bento boxes to the travelers however hears a boisterous uproar close by; Inosuke Hashibira head-butting the train and Zenitsu Agatsuma irately greeting him. Inside the train, the travelers get ready for the excursion; Kyojuro conclude now is an ideal opportunity to eat the bento box, to which he opens the bundle and attempts his feast, before uproariously shouting it to be flavorful.